5 5 0 12 12 Hand cooked potato crisps We like to keep things simple... We always insist on using the best potatoes we can find, hand cook them with care in small batches, then season with great tasting real food ingredients. So what you get are naturally crunchy and tasty chips, each one a little different from the last. There's absolutely no need to add anything artificial and that's the way it's been for over 30 years. Simple really. Hand cooked potato chips, Absolutely nothing artificial, We season our chips with real food ingredients, We don't add anything artificial - msg, artificial flavours or colours, We only use sunflower oil, These chips are suitable for: vegetarians.
Kettle Chips Goats' Cheese and Balsamic Onion
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Lovely crisps can really taste the goats cheese and these crisps are a bit different to the usual ones!
The flavour of these crisps is wonderful, it is perfectly balanced and very Moorish.
These are gorgeous! Crispy and so full of flavour, would definitely recommend
These are SO moorish!!! It's very hard to stop eating these crisps. They are unique and are more interesting than typical salt and balsamic crisps. I really like them, will definitely be purchasing again!
I love trying new foods so please send this to me to try
I love Kettle crisps and hope to find this flavour in my local supermarket.
so im a big fan of goat cheese love kettel chips but have not tried these and would love to try them
I have never tried goats cheese but they should be nice for a change of flavour
Kettle crisps and snacks are the best out there and very satisfying. This new flavour sounds amazing and great for a pre dinner party get together. I would love to try them as I always go for the cheese flavours, and I haven't seen this variety in the shops yet. x
not tried this product before would like to tried this product
I always used to have some of my dad's lightly salted/black pepper KETTLE chips when I was younger, now I'm ready to try a new flavour! Could I please be sent a sample, thank you
I love the KETTLE crisps range and these sound like they could be a good addition to the range,Love to try some

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