4.1 5 0 14 14 Discoveries is all about exciting flavour combinations inspired by food from near & far venture into the deep, deep South with crispy buttermilk chicken & a sriracha mayo twist we're all about real food ingredients Absolutely nothing artificial, Gluten-free, No artificial flavours, MSG or colours #realfoodrealpleasure
Kettle Discoveries Buttermilk Chicken 130g
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Very tasty
We love Kettle snack as they are always made of high quality ingredients, baked not fried, and they are always very tasty. My favourite one is this one with chicken flavour. Its very yummy
Super tasty
These snacks are amazing and so delicious, they taste so nice and have a unique flavour but are so yummy and go well with a beer or two. Great for parties, snack time, watching TV, cinema and they need no improvements they’re crispy satisfying and have a great texture and consistency . Recommended
Over flavoured and not Buttermilk
I'm usually a big fan of Kettle chips, but these aren't their best. There is so much flavoring on them that it hurts your tongue after a handful. Also, they just taste like normal chicken crisps. You can't taste the buttermilk or sriracha mayo.
I loved these - I ate a whole bag in one sitting. They have a unique flavour - unlike other chicken crisps. My only issue is that they are hard to find in shops! I would definitely recommend these
Good when on offer
Nice crisps, a bit different from the norm just a little expensive. Good when on offer in the supermarket
Can't decide!
I love buttermilk chicken, so these sounded right up my alley. However, the sriracha flavour spoiled it for me, couldn't decide if I liked them or not....mind you, I still ate the lot! Nice texture and crunch, just a shame about the flavour pairing
Spicy chicken
A nice tasty crisp, lovely chicken & spicy mayonnaise snack, intense flavour that taste so real, a nice big sharing bag with good quality crisps, perfect to eat on their own or with a sandwich
Great alternative tastes delicious there definitely a winner in my house
Not great
I always buy when I see unique flavours being released by Kettle or any other chip brand for that matter, but I was disappointed with how strong the taste was.
This crisps are delicious! They are a great alternative to sensations and pack a lot more flavour. The brand makes them a little more expensive but the flavour is worth the extra pennies.
tasty but expensive
We are a big lover of kettle chips here However.... We don't often buy them as they are rather overpriced in my opinion. We do buy when on offer and these ones are definitely a tasty mildly spicy crisp.
I love these tasty crisps.Not too spicey.Great flavour
Interesting and tasty
Found these to be super flavour filled and crunchy. Feel like they are designed to be a more premium crisp experience than your usual crips. Highly recommended for something different.
Mildy spicy and tangy
I love Kettle Crisps! They are tasty, mildy tangy and spicy not the best flavour from Kettle Crisps but they are still super crispy and morish!! I recommend these if you like an alternative spicy flavour, defo worth a try

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