2.2 5 0 11 11 Like Broadway & Yellow Cabs, the New York Deli sandwich is an authentic part of the 'big apple' experience. Hand cooked potato chips, Absolutely nothing artificial, We're all about real food ingredients, Hand cooked & gluten-free, No artificial flavours, MSG or colours.
Kettle Discoveries New York Deli Crisps
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Kettle chips
I purchased these at a great special discount thinking I wouldn't like them when in actual fact the flavour is fantastic.
I've rated this a 3 as it is the best out of the new flavours launched... which I think tells you everything you need to know. If you want to try a flavour, try this one. However, it's good but not blow-me-away-let's-have-seconds good.
I tried one of new flavour Kettle Discoveries but it’s not what I was expecting not very tasty no flavour bit plain.
I love a new york deli sandwich so was really looking forward to trying these but sadly the crisps are not very nice. You can't really make out the flavour as I feel there is to much much going on.
I have tried this flavour recently and found it too strong; they tasted overpoweringly of mustard which I'm afraid put me off. I like some of the other flavours in the range but this one just isn't for me.
I've not yet tried any of these new flavours, but I'm always open to trying new crisp flavours, so will be looking to giving these a try, and reviewing them.
I haven’t seen these before but they sound amazing. New York deli sandwiches are my favourite so this taste on a crisp sounds great.
I haven't tried this and to be honest I wouldn't it sounds and looks horrible, sorry to be so blunt
I love kettles and I hope these would live up to the flavours. So many flavours now just aren't what they say I get disappointed.
I actually cannot believe what I'm seeing - so keen to try this, it looks so full of flavour.
very nice flavour but I do love mustard and it's strong taste which this product has

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