4.3 5 0 93 93 Kettle Mature Cheddar & Red Onion Flavoured Potato Chips have been relaunched with a new pack design and a new recipe which is said to have been voted cheesiest taste. The product is made from 100% British potatoes, most from within 30 miles of the manufacturer's Norfolk home, and has been hand cooked in small batches to guarantee great crunch every time. It is free from gluten and anything artificial, including artificial flavours, MSG and colours. This product is suitable for vegetarians, and retails in a 150g pack.
Kettle Mature Cheddar & Red Onion Flavoured Potato Chips
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Good balanced flavour
These crisps had a good balance of cheddar and onion – not too overpowering, but certainly flavoursome. I'd pick up another bag for sure.
Good flavour
Nice flavour, although I wish that they put more crisps in the bag
So much flavour.
Kettle Crisps have never let me down. They always have so much flavour. They crunch like no other and the cheese flavour is so moorish I never share a packet I will scoff the lot. I do prefer them when there are o offer as I think they are a little expensive otherwise
Knowing when to cash them in is the problem
Good taste and crispy texture make these an excellent idea for nibbles whilst watching tv or before a meal but knowing when to stop is the problem. As a type 2 diabetic I have to be careful and making sure these are a small treat now and then is important, but as my wife says "If you're going to sin then make sure it's worth it. Bit expensive compared to other brands but if you get them on an offer then it's worth indulging.
Great texture, great flavour.
Apart from the ability to satisfy an urge to snack, why do we buy crisps? For the flavour and the texture. Kettle crisps had maintaned a very high level of quality for both of these attributes, and at the price available in the stores I use, they are a regular purchase. Try them, or buy some more.
Yummy !!!
They are soo delicious and u could feel the Cheddar is intense. They are Crispy and u will get addicted to it !!!
Not bad
I liked them, but I would prefer crisps of a different brand. I don't know why though. I feel like the cheese taste is not cheesy enough and the crisps are kind of... Too oily and not crispy enough.
Full of flavour
Very tasty, packed with huge amount of flavour on every bite. One of the best crisps on the market.
Very nice
Very flavorful and moreish. Could eat these all the time. Highly recommended to anyone who likes this flavour.
A little greasy
These kettle crisps have a really good crunch and a strong cheesy flavour. My only problem with them is that they are a little greasier than other crisps and feel quite unhealthy. As an occasional treat they aren't too bad.
I love near enough all of the kettle crisp flavours, especially this one. The cheese is strong but not too much that you can’t taste the onion. Lovely crunch to the crisps too👍🏼
Love this
Love kettle chips. Crunchy, fine tasting chips and always with the right amount of flavour. The cheddar cheese is strong but a lovely addition for a movie night. I would definitely recommend
Cheesiest Crisps
Love the flavour of these and Kettle crisps are just the best. My favourite brand of crisps.
Lovely strong flavour
these crisps are definitely cheesy the tase is so flavoursome. Really crispy could eat the whole bag over and over again
Great product
Tasty chips with mature cheddar and onion flavour by Kettle. I like this matufactirer's products. Cheddar is yammy. Onion tastes just right. It is a UK product, so supporting local.

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