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Super Scrummy
Absolutely loved the taste and texture of the Jalapeno Jack crisps. The only problem is that they are so tasty it would be easy to devour the whole packet in one evening. They tasted great with dips.
Crisps with a kick
these crisps are so yummy with a lovely cruncy texture and a nice spicy taste to them, they taste even better if you have with with a nice sour cream dip. I love the spice of them though and can eat them all on there own,
Get your tastebuds going
My favorite I have these with some sour cream to dip in and extra jalapeños it’s a yummy snack
Wow spicy!
I loved these they have a real kick and are crunchy and full of flavour! Possibly not for the kids!!
They have good kick
They are on a hotter side, but don't leave you mouth burning for ages. they have nice flavour also thicker cut makes them even better.
Loved the flavour. Would recommend again n again. In love with them. Lol
Great tasting crisps
They are great tasting with a lot of flavour! Not too hot so you can enjoy them without burning your mouth off which is always a plus!

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