4.8 5 0 64 64 Sponge Cake with Milk and Coconut Filling Covered in Milk Chocolate
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Noooo! Don’t mess with Kinder!!!
It’s not a horrible product, but I couldn’t wrap my head around the coconut/kinder experience. Maybe I will try this again, as I like coconut. Some of the reviews have said to refrigerate them first, so I will do that
Soft, rich and temptingly smooth
The first thing you notice is that wonderful rich and creamy kinder taste. I picked these up at a new grocery store and realised afterwards that they were out of date but the taste and quality was not impaired. The cake is smooth and springy providing a nice contrast next to the chocolate and milk mix. The coconut is also very subtle but elevates it just a little. Well worth trying.
I love anything kinder this was so yummy for snack for the kids
One of my favourite treats keep them in the fridge
Amazing taste, not too sweet, only minus is they're soo small :(
Melt in the mouth
Really soft and creamy, not too sweet or sickly. The hint of coconut gives it a lovely flavour, really lightweight snack
Melt in the mouth
Tried these for the first time today and got to say I love them they just melt in your mouth and the hint of coconut is amazing
Love it! Love the combination of structure and how it melts in your mouth. The the feeling is the best part for me though. Makes it an amazing snack!
All my childhood
Not as tasty as the original we had back in the day, Kinder Pingui Coconut tastes lovely, just remember to put it in the fridge long enough for an intense experience! :)
kinder pingui
обожаю эту вкуснятину.кокос только придает аромат .дети в восторге. советую попробовать всем.
Love this sooo much taste devine can really taste the coconut and have to hide it from the kids otherwise they would eat the lot. Taste so good.
Great taste as all Kinder!
Love all the Kinder stuff, but this one is special as I think it's the only one with coconut, which all my family loves! Not too sweet, not too heavy, great snack for kids... but not only 😉
These are a little bit of heaven. So delicious my 2 year old grandson whipped it out of my hand! Just the right amount of sweetness to satisfy a craving. I now hide these in my kitchen. They are too good to share.
I love it
Nothing taste as kinder, absolutely divine taste . I love it as much as my kids do. So fresh so delicious!
Not only my kids love this but by myself as well :D the texture is really lovely. Don't feel heavy and not too much of neither of things. Less sweet than i expected and i just love that about it.

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