4.4 5 0 134 134 Crispy wafer fingers with a caramel topping (17%) covered in milk chocolate (58%)
Kit Kat Senses Salted Caramel Box 20 Pieces 200G
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Full household approval!
My husband loves these KitKat Senses and had been craving them for a while by the time I got around to purchasing. They offer a great little burst of flavour, with that lovely light crunch throughout.
I LOVE these. Gorgeous, a nice little treat. And perfect bite size pieces individually wrapped.
Kit Kat
These are lovely. The caramel is a bit hard however all toghether very good!
I’m not sold on these !
I really wasnt sure on these , I kept eating one and wasn’t sure if it was me or not , wasn’t sure about the salted caramel with the kitkat . I ate them all though so not awful
Great little sizes for when you just want a little treat. i really though it woukdnt work, messing with kitkats, but boy was i wrong. The best flavour out of the 3 available
Great for sharing little bits of KitKat
A nice little box of mini KitKats that are in three flavours. I preferred the double chocolate one than the other flavours as it still tasted like KitKat. I found the Caramel one quite salty and didn't taste like KitKat. The hazelnut had a praline taste but was a nice flavour.
Very good
Występuje w dwóch odmianach: KitKat Senses Milk i KitKat Senses Dark. Wypróbowałem obie odmiany i muszę powiedzieć, że obie są całkiem dobre. Czekolada mleczna jest znacznie gładsza i ma czekoladowy smak. KitKat Dark z ciemną czekoladą jest znacznie lepszy. Łagodniejszy cukier, więcej kakao, więcej mojej herbaty. Muszę wspomnieć, że opakowanie jest świetne. Kusząca czerwień KitKat owinięta w nowy połysk wygląda świetnie!
Little treats
Amazing little treats, ideal if you want something sweet that’s not too big.
good size box for a gift
I tried these chocolates myself, and after i purchased it as a gift too. packaging is lovely, good amount of chocolates inside. taste is very good, and easy to share. great choice for a sweet treat!
Great taste , lovely snack even for a diet. Unfortunately packaging and cost mean that it is not worthwhile
I found the KitKat senses caramel flavour to be disappointing as the caramel was dry and had no flavour it was almost like the paste in between the way for layers but unappealing as I was expecting an actual caramel texture
I wasnt sure I'd be too keen on these as salted caramel can sometimes be abit much for me, but these were really enjoyable, family also enjoyed them, safe to say they didnt last long
I liked these a lot they are quite sweet but they are just the right size for a little sweet treat
Really nice would buy again also shared with family they liked them to
I very much enjoyed these, some flavours more than others. Quite pricy for something so small

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