4.4 5 0 127 127 Crispy wafer fingers with a caramel topping (17%) covered in milk chocolate (58%)
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Love it
Loved this product, just enough to taste in each portion. Flavour is fantastic. Would definitely recommend this product. I would not change anything about this product, even the packaging was different.
Have a break, have a KITKAT!
If someone likes salted caramel and crunchy wafers - they will fall in love! Good size, good taste. Perfect
Great sharing bites
These are lovely little sharing bites! I actually quite liked that they are not full sized as made me feel less guilty- though it is hard to stick to only one or two! I shared them with my team in the office who all loved the unusual flavour too!
I loved these , very tasty and a great snack size Only one problem, they are so moorish I could eat the hole box
These are so tasty and moorish. I did end up eating the whole box in one sitting. Very good product wish they made a big bar in this flavour
nice sharing
what attracted me was the cardboard packaging as it is more sustainable than other sharing confectionery products, however the wrappers are not recyclable, so hopefully that would change
not for me
I really looked forward to trying these but i was disappointed, did not like the taste or the after taste they left.
Kit kat
Amazing taste as expected great travel size Great taste highly recommended
My new favourites
I did a survey on kit kitkat senses elsewhere so was very excited for the product to be released. Wow, I absolutely love them, there are other flavours but the salted caramel hits the spot for me, I have a box in my cupboard as I type. The unfortunate thing about this product is that it is quite pricey for what it is, it is a KitKat after all but they have tried to fancy it up by making them into individual bite-size chocolates and putting them into a fancy box. It is for this reason I have only given it 4 stars and not 5
Yes did enjoy them, the kit kat biscuit and salted caramel did go well together. Liked them but wouldn’t rush out to buy as I feel they are expensive as for the amount you get.
Love them
Crunchy heaven. I love these chocolate snacks, but the only problem when I start a box I finish it too, because it is soo tasty. I love the packaging. It is perfect for gift too.
Your secret
hide them and keep a box just for you - the others can share you'll need a reward at least once a day after. Simply too good to share .
Kit kat
Loved them . Felt like a chocolate for adults . Sat watching a movie eating these with glass of wine , heaven .
these are ok. they are quite expensive. i prefer the hazelnut flavour to this one.
Looks great,as a a choaholic i would like to keep a box at home........still prefer the old skool 4 finger bar

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