4.4 5 0 133 133 Crispy wafer fingers with a caramel topping (17%) covered in milk chocolate (58%)
Kit Kat Senses Salted Caramel Box 20 Pieces 200G
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Hide from the rest of your family!
So much better than a normal KitKat... makes them seem boring. The salted caramel plays joyfully on the tongue with the smooth creamy chocolate. Unfortunately my husband and children love them too. The last box I bought I forgot to hide... only to find them all gone when I went to have one!
Delicious! The centre part the salted caramel is amazing could eat them all day.
OK but not a favourite
I love the standard kit kat range, but can not say the same for kit kat senses. In my view don,t mess with perfection
Could be nicer.
I like the whole idea of these and found them to be a great size. I just found them over-sweet as I find all products containing palm oil to be. I believe they add extra sweetness to hide the flavour of the oil. This product could be so much better. Such a shame that they put low price before quality.
Salted caramel
To be fair I am not a big chocolate fan but I am in love with salted caramel kit Kat and peanut butter. Absolutely love it. So fresh and crunchy. The best chocolate bar from nestle I can say.
Fab Salted caramel kit Kat senses 5*
Love these kit Kat salted caramel sensations bought these along with the others in rage to have with friends great to share and eat on your own really tasty same great kit Kat but love the flavour combination great packaging too highly recommend!Gve them a go super tasty!
Product that makes you mouth water. Smooth chocolate, crispy layers combine to create a taste that seduces any chocolate lover. The unique box is eyecatching and destinctive.
Love it
Loved this product, just enough to taste in each portion. Flavour is fantastic. Would definitely recommend this product. I would not change anything about this product, even the packaging was different.
Have a break, have a KITKAT!
If someone likes salted caramel and crunchy wafers - they will fall in love! Good size, good taste. Perfect
Great sharing bites
These are lovely little sharing bites! I actually quite liked that they are not full sized as made me feel less guilty- though it is hard to stick to only one or two! I shared them with my team in the office who all loved the unusual flavour too!
I loved these , very tasty and a great snack size Only one problem, they are so moorish I could eat the hole box
These are so tasty and moorish. I did end up eating the whole box in one sitting. Very good product wish they made a big bar in this flavour
nice sharing
what attracted me was the cardboard packaging as it is more sustainable than other sharing confectionery products, however the wrappers are not recyclable, so hopefully that would change
not for me
I really looked forward to trying these but i was disappointed, did not like the taste or the after taste they left.
Kit kat
Amazing taste as expected great travel size Great taste highly recommended

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