4.4 5 0 131 131 Crispy wafer fingers with a caramel topping (17%) covered in milk chocolate (58%)
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Your secret
hide them and keep a box just for you - the others can share you'll need a reward at least once a day after. Simply too good to share .
Kit kat
Loved them . Felt like a chocolate for adults . Sat watching a movie eating these with glass of wine , heaven .
these are ok. they are quite expensive. i prefer the hazelnut flavour to this one.
Looks great,as a a choaholic i would like to keep a box at home........still prefer the old skool 4 finger bar
Good for sharing
Brought this as a nice sharing treat with my partner, loved how the chocolate and caramel complimented each other
Lovely treat
These are a nice addition to the kit kat range, perfect for any time of day! Hard to limit them, so small it’s easy to eat the lot, my younger son loves these they are his favourite flavour out of the kit kat range
I was bought a box of these as a gift. They were a lovely alternative to ‘traditional’ boxes of chocolate. The box is novel and opens up to share, so was great to share with my colleagues. The salted caramel is heavenly!
bought these as on offer. I really dont get the concept of these. in a society trying to reduce packaging this isnt a good product.
Tasty but too sweet
Very delicious but I found it a little too sweet for my liking. My teeth felt sore afterwards. The caramel flavouring is quite strong also and coupled with the chocolate, compliments the two perfectly. I wouldn't buy it again though, it was goo enough just to try once only.
these are really nice, and make a nice treat, they are good that they are a handy size for eating out and about, and because they are small they don't feel too naughty
Give me more
Omg. Now I love a kitKat but these are phenomenal. The taste is amazing you can actually taste that it’s salted caramel. Honestly don’t think any improvement are needed., they got this one right first time.
...too much packaging. The actual Kit Kat pieces are really nice. Just enough for a small sweet treat (if you can stop at one that is) however, I would say in this day and age when we're all trying to cut down on packaging that there is just too much of it with this product.
Kit Kat senses
As a big fan of kitKats, I really enjoyed these. A nice change from other boxes of chocolates available
Kit kat senses
I loved these. A good flavour. Can they do them in big bars?
Not a lot of flavour
You can’t really taste the salted caramel, to get the tastes you would have to eat a few at the same time.

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