4.4 5 0 133 133 Crispy wafer fingers with a caramel topping (17%) covered in milk chocolate (58%)
Kit Kat Senses Salted Caramel Box 20 Pieces 200G
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Nice... But the hazelnut ones are better
These are nice little choccies but not a patch on the hazelnut ones!
Tiny bites of heaven
These are delicious and very moreish! Get a good quantity in the box, however they can be pricey if not on offer! The box is very different and quirky.
Was pleasantly surprised with this..... really enjoyable & have purchased again. The quirky box is well done.
My friend loves kits Kats and when I presented her with this she screamed! She absolutely loved it and when I asked her about it she said It was one of the best flavours they have done (She ate it all in one go haha)
Tiny deliciousness
I'm used to big chunks of Kit kat whilst the kit kat senses are tiny. However, the salted caramel kit kat is so tasty that it makes you eat the whole box.
One is not enough
Very moorish, salted caramel and kit kat what’s not to like. Be careful if your watching the pounds though and one is not enough I ended up scoffing the whole box. Oopoppssss...
these are very morish, but not many in a box. they are however very tasty. i liked the way the box opens for you to easily pick them up. i would buy these again as a treat as they are very nice
Small on product
Although i looked forward to trying the kitKat senses i recently received i was quite put ou with the amount of chocolate V packaging.... adore the standard sized KitKats and feel that value was not high on the agenda with this product
Kit Kat
Really yummy and moreish however very small and not many to go round when sharing with a family
Nice but pricey
Love kit kat and thought I would try these. Very small and not enough in the box for a family sharing box! Liked the flavours but more in the box please didn't last long once shared!
Love these sweet treats
I got these in a Easter egg I won and I love these bite size treats , I love the box when it’s opened it expands to a sharing bowl . My only improvement is being out more flavours or have a couple flavours in a box but I do love nestle chocolate atm it’s my new obsession after Easter 😍 picture has about half of the treats left but you get plenty in a full box
Very nice
I got these for me and the kids as they were on a discount and I found them very nice flavour wise.
These are absolutely delicious, I could eat a full box on my own! That wouldn’t be too difficult though as you don’t get many. It needs a few more to be better value.
I got a box of these for my family over Christmas as a special treat, however other then tasting slightly different from the original (which we love) they are not that different, unfortunately not worth the money I paid.
Yummy 😋
These are delicious well done KitKat I love the salted caramel yummy 😋

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