4.4 5 0 133 133 Crispy wafer fingers with a caramel topping (17%) covered in milk chocolate (58%)
Kit Kat Senses Salted Caramel Box 20 Pieces 200G
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Could be better
Just another one of the many attempts to cash in on the popularity of salted caramel. I am a big salted caramel flavour, but these failed to deliver. They are not bad, just not indulgent, and nothing particularly special. I can't say that the caramel was particularly salty. A let down.
They are okay, I wouldn’t class as a treat. More like a small snack
Good quality packaging which detailed the ingredients clearly so those with allergies shouldn’t be worried . I was not disappointed with the bite sized pieces which were absolutely 😋
These are so delicious, I already love Kit Kat but all the flavours are fab.
Extremely moreish
Love these... Not only do you get the normal kit kat taste but you also get the salted caramel in them as an added extra... These salted caramel kit lats are extremely moreish and one of the best things you could try... If you love salted caramel as much as I do then it's definitely worth trying these you definitely won't be disappointed x
Wafers with a twist
I enjoy wafers, and thought that the salted caramel was a nice twist on the standard kitkat. I would love it if there was a dark chocolate version of this available. Pretty enjoyable over all.
Nothing special
Disappointing. Nothing too special, you can barely taste the salted caramel but also ruins the original taste so you end up with a 'meh' flavour.
My favourite
These are the prefect size for a quick snack. If you love salted caramel you’ll love these! My favourite ones out of the other flavours.
Great snack
Loved these bite sized snacks, perfect with a coffee after a long day
Tasty treat
I love kitkat and these are delicious..wish there were more in the box..a little misleading.
Ideal gift
I have purchased a number of these boxes as gifts for friends and have enjoyed them myself. Ideal bite size and very tasty.
It's a yes from me KitKat's are already good the caramel just makes it all the betyer
Kit Kat Senses Salted Caramel Box 20 Pieces 200G
If you like salted Caramel you will love this product. You can taste the kit Kat and the salted Caramel. A wonderful treat. Would highly recommend.
absolutely gorgeously tasty!
i recommend you eat this with warm coffee or milky hot drinks, just makes it taste even better ! be careful you may end up eating quite a few id your try this lol.
I picked these up and my god they were the best I’ve tried

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