4.9 5 0 134 134 Honey roast peanuts. 1-2-3 for a healthy balance 1. Eat Healthily. 2. Keep Active. 3. Enjoy The Taste.
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Pretty Awesome
These nuts are the perfect mix of nutty and sweet! We couldnt wait to try these and now we cannot wait to see them back into the shops!
Too much yum!
I didn’t think KP could beat there standard roasted nuts but these honey roasted ones are so delicious and extremely moreish! I love that you can buy them in a big tub which is perfect for occasions!
I always buy these when i can escpeshaly at christmas I LOVE THEM
Started as a compromise, ended up an addiction!
We first purchased these nuts as a compromise. One of the household wanted dry roasted peanuts and no-one else really likes eating little peanuts covered in dust; so we settled on these as middle ground. Well, the are quite frankly delicious (albeit far too moreish). They go well in dishes both sweet and savoury and can hold their own quite nicely as a stand alone snack. But as many people have mentioned, once you open the tub - be prepared to see them disappear very quickly.
just yum!
Great as a snack and in salads! Love the honey coat.
Love any type of honey roasted nuts, nothing really to say about this product. I will say one negative though if you see a dark or black looking one do not eat it because youl most likely gag, it's not a nice taste and it leave a nasty taste for a good 5 mins not what you want, please stop burning half the nuts thanks :). Love the honey flavour when they aren't burnt though taste delightful!.
Love peanuts and the KP brand, but these very really yummy. The only problem is that once you open the tin, you feel the need to keep eating them. They go great with a glass of wine.
These are so nice, I have a sweet tooth and as these are honey coated once I start eating them it is hard to stop, usually only but these around Christmas time, the whole Family love them, the combination of the honey with the salty nut is lovely combination
Totally addictive
Hey if you open a tin of these babies be prepared to just keep going till they are gone.
this is my favourite thing to snack on they are by far the best peanuts i have tasted in my life and i have always loved honey roasted peanuts the most but these have gone an extra mile for me!
Try not to eat them all at once!
Really tasty, great balance of sweet and savoury not too much coating on them which can make them overpowering. Just be careful you don't eat them all at once
Love these honey roast nuts
These honey roast nuts don't leave your mouth dry like normal dry roast, lovely sweet taste just have to be careful you don't eat the full tin in one sitting!!!
Very Tasty
Once you open the pack, it is difficult not to eat the lot! Very tasty - the balance of flavours are just right. Sweet and salty - the honey is not too sickly. Very calorific but also packed with nutrients.
Honey roasted peanuts
I really like these peanuts you can really taste the Honey in them..
Moreish, Moreish, I said MOREish. Right balance of savoury and sweet.

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