3.9 5 0 9 9 A sulphate free Intensive Care Shampoo for damaged, over processed hair. This Shampoo for damaged, over processed hair gently cleanses to remove dirt and oil, whilst fully respecting the natural moisture levels of your hair and scalp, making it perfect for daily use.
Lee Stafford Hair Apology Intensive Care Shampoo
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I like most of the Lee Stafford range and this is just another i really like. I took this on holiday with me in very high temperatures, i have bleached hair as well and it kept my hair in tip top condition. It was soft and kept my hair from going dry and brittle. Excellent when teamed with the conditioner or one of the hair masks.
Amazing hair repair shampoo 5*
Lee Stafford Hair Apology Intensive Care Shampoo is fab I have tried this on it's own and it is better with the corresponding conditioner if you have dry/damaged/brittle hair due to dye, styling or heat I would recommend this shampoo. I found my hair after use to be unbelievably sleek, shiny, soft and looking healthier from the first time I used it. I would recommend this shampoo it is a little more expensive than I usually buy but definitely worth it! I agree with Lee - apologies to your hair every once in a while and splash out on the hair apology rnage!
Amazing product
Always leaves my hair feeling nourished a little goes a long way Leaves my hair feeling glossy and I’ve tried a lot of products as I use heat on my hair daily this helps it looking alive and healthy
Love this entire range
I bought the entire hair apology range and absolutely love it! Hair felt soft and shiny.
Not great for really damaged hair
My hair is damaged from bleaching. This product didnt have a huge impact on the texture or condition. I think if you haie is only slightly dry or damaged it might work better but for mine it didnt really have an impact to the degree I expected. The smell is lovely and I like the packaging too, really bright. Its a fine product but not for really bad condition. The price is good.
thought it wasn't my first choice, i wanted to try this companys products. it seemed they have lots of products i wasn't aware of. to be honest this is happening way too much especially if you dont shop too often while going through every isle, i got to know that even its a bit expensive its worth giving it a try. i like it. i always are looking it on deals... i would recommend it. after your hair are light and nice.
Expensive and won't do work good
I posted my review with photos before, but onky saw my photos and video. Firstly soooo expensive. 8.50£ for only shampoo is too expensive I think. Design is nice, pink with white letters. Need put more two times when washing your hair, so you use it much more then your usual shampoo. Contains naturals ingredients, no sls, sulphites and sulfates. No decision is not worth money. 3/10
Hated this, it left my hair feeling dry and looked frizzy. I gave it a couple of uses before binning it. Not worth it.
Amazing for damaged hair!
My hair is so damaged from colouring at home and I absolutely love this stuff! Works miracles and although can't fix dead hair, leaves it super smooth and soft!

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