4.7 5 0 13 13 Lemlift helps support your immune system Vitamin C and Zinc contribute to the normal function of your immune system Vitamin C helps reduce tiredness and fatigue
Lemlift Immune Support Plus Lemon Effervescent Tablets Vitamin C
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Pleasant and refreshing way to take vitamins rather than chunky tablets tastes nice as they dissolve in water! It works well for my bodu and also it has a great taste! Love this!
Helping hand
Love this product and will definitely be buying again. I used these when I had a cold and felt run down. My cold didnt last as long as normal and I felt the benefit of these. They tasted great too
Okay but no better than non-branded versions
Often take one of these in the morning and having tried a few I dont believe it to be any better than a non-branded/supermarket own version. Has an okay taste.
Happy days
This is amazing I have really benefited from taking this it has stopped a cold which I constantly had along with runny nose so happy days
Lemlift vit c
Great tasting little bombs of fizz ,with added ummpf for a little get up & go ,,, tried lesser brands for yrs but now a convert ....
Take my cold away
Can't get enough of these fizz bombs , I used to get lots of colds but taking these regular helps and would recommend to each and everyone
Great tasting
Great tasting easy to use, much prefer to the others brands I have tried.
Really liked this product, after feeling unwell I started taking these and after a few weeks really noticed the difference. Have in my cupboard now just in case .
Vitamin c Lemliftimmune support review
In winter we all need a boost to the immune system, Lemlift does this .The product is great tasting and provides support in the form of but c in an accessible form.
Quality product
I think the normal lemsip hot drinks taste absolutely disgusting, but recognise that they're highly effective! I was expecting much the same from these effervescent tablets. Luckily, they actually taste quite nice and are sweeter than the hot drinks. They dissolve really well and really quickly. I'm hoping using them is enough to stave off the usual round of coughs and colds during this time of year.
Lemlift immune support system tablets
I have used this product regularly and find it helps prevent me getting colds. It is also very easy and pleasant To drink each morning
An Essential to Have on Hand!
This product is a must have to keep on hand for when you start to feel a bit under the weather. I took does 2x per day and really noticed that I did not get as sick. I also got better much quicker when routinely taking this product.
New year's day pick up!
A nice change from the usual orange flavour. Not too sweet or sour. Dissolves quickly
I've tried the others in the range but not this flavour. Lemon is usually good for colds so I will have to try this soon!
I would like to review it but I’ve not received any so I can’t really review this ! Can you send me a samples

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