4.5 5 0 378 378 Lenor Unstoppables keeps up to 12 weeks with boosted freshness (in storage), so your clothes are always ready to wear, infused with your favourite scent.
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Love these
I love these washing pearls, I use two bottles a month and alternate between scents which are fresh and dream, I do a lot of washing in my household and love the smell that these pearls leave my cloths smelling, although they don’t last 12 weeks but smell Devine anyway.
Unstoppables that do stop giving
I found these little beads a lovely fresh smell and when taking the washing out after the wash I could smell the scent. However I felt the smell didn’t stick around on the fabric too long and therefore doesn’t live up To the full claim of being unstoppable.
Fresh scented beads
These little scented beads smell amazing and are multifunctional. Not only do they make my washing smell amazing, I also use them in my car, the bathroom, as well as placing them in bags in my wardrobe and storage chests to make everything smell fresh and clean.
I tried this product over a year ago and it never fails to surprise me, after I stopped using it for a few months I realised how fresh my Cloths and wardrobes smelled when I started using it again and how long it lasts with just one wash it’s amazing and worth the money
Unstoppable fragrance
Loved it my home smells fabulous .. smells lasted a whole work day...
Beautiful smell!
The smell of these unstoppables is insane! They smell so so nice and make your clothes feel fresher also! I put these in to tiny bags too for the car and my closet so everything smells even nicer for days.
Best smell ever.
I recently had to buy a new washing machine so I thought I would treat myself to Lenor unstoppables. So easy to use and the scent last for ages after the wash. Leaves an amazing scent around your home whilst the washing is drying. Definitely would recommend. A little goes a long way too.
I love these. I have issues with my washing machine so the clothes don’t always come out smelling that ‘just washed’ smell but since I’ve used these I don’t have that trouble anymore, my clothes/curtains/bedding/cushion covers smell great every time!
Tried & Tested Unstoppables!
Love this product! Leaves washing with a lovely fragrance. Easy to use but a little high on price!
Awful product
This product is easy to use and leaves a nice scent, however, it is quite expensive and the scent does not last more than a couple of days on bedding. In addition it says on the container that they are harmful to aquatic life, which is worrying as it all washes down the drain. The packaging is not child safe either and these pellets look very tasty.
Lenor unstoppables
Love this product always leaves a beautiful scent on all your washing that last
I love this I use it in every wash it smells Devine and every one asks about it
Lovely fresh smell
I use this all the time and find it makes my clothes smell really fresh for a couple of wears.
Lenore Un
Use these in every wash now. Make clothes smell great. Can noticeable when wearing clothes, but not overpowering
not impressed
I have tried this it was quite expensive and I didn't think it left a nice smell or made any difference to my wash

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