4.5 5 0 967 967 Lenor Unstoppables keeps up to 12 weeks with boosted freshness (in storage), so your clothes are always ready to wear, infused with your favourite scent.
Lenor Unstoppables Fresh In Wash Scent Booster Beads 570g
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Wow, what a scent!
Well the smell is just delicious!! I first received this as a free sample to try and used it to wash my bedding - for the next week or so, even just walking into the house from work I was greeted with that wonderful fresh scent all the way from the bedroom! The fragrance is quite strong, but I like that... and have since discovered that the full size packs of these are on roll back at my local supermarket! Yay!
Lovely smell
The smell from the little beads is amazing! It's easy to use, just put them in the drum before you load the machine. My washing was dried outside on the line and the smell every time I walked passed was lovely. I've still to discover if it will last 12 weeks, but so far so good.
Washing smells fresh
Tried this and the washing came out smelling lovely & fresh will buy this product in future
Amazing 😍
Very happy with this product leaves clothes smelling amazingly clean and it actually lasts too! I was originally skeptical about how good it was made out to be in the advertisements that you see but now I can understand the hype. Would definitely recommend to anyone that asks about washing can't wait to try the other scents.
Lenor unstoppable
Absolutely amazing smells so fresh, fragrance lovely already bought some as a result of the sample you sent me
would try again
i got these as a sample to try from Lenor, they worked really well and i was really impressed! i bought some for my nan to try and she really likes them! i would definitely buy them for myself and will be using them more frequently
Long lasting scent
Leaves a lovely long lasting scent on clothes would highly recommend I shall be buying this
Sensational smell just wow
Very happy, received my sample and my clothes are softer and have a long lasting smell, the smell is amazing & fresh. When clothes were drying on radiators could smell lenor all around my house im very happy will be top of my shopping list
Smells just WOW
I got my sample pack just today and after trying it i feel its a must for every day washes. As it leaves a beautiful smell on your clothes. Definitely a must buy with reasonable price.
I tried these for the first time today and l am totally in love with them. I was a bit reluctant about it at first but OMG my washing smells gorgeous. I will definitely ne adding this to my next shop
Best pearls yet
Unstoppables are my go to Washing addition. These makes your washing smell amazing and so soft. I use these alongside a fabric conditioner and also on their own. I highly recommend this brand and scent!
Long lasting smell
Very strong lingering smell, much longer than my normal brand
Oh that scent
The smell of these are out of this world. I love these little things but they are sooooooooo expensive for how many washes you actually get. Worth only using for items you don't use conditioner with i.e towels gym clothing. To add to every wash is just a waste. Also they could come in a more eco friendly packaging like cardboard
Unstoppables fresh scent boosters
Used this particular scent/product for the first time. The washing came out soft and smelling gorgeous. Even after a few days can smell it on the bedding and all round my room. Will definitely be using again!
Really overpowering smell. Just not nice at all. Others are better

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