4.6 5 0 781 781 Lenor Unstoppables keeps up to 12 weeks with boosted freshness (in storage), so your clothes are always ready to wear, infused with your favourite scent.
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Smells beautiful
Leaves clothes smelling nice, use it on my work uniform and work colleagues ask me what I use
Not impressed
Bought this once but not really impressed. Didn’t really notice any Difference - washing smelt and felt the same as usual. Wouldn’t use again
Leaves your clothes smelling lovely
These really work they leave your clothes smelling lovely even after they've been in a draw for days. They work on really smelly sports kits if you want lovely smelling clothes and wardrobes these are really effective.
Smells unstoppable
I love this product my washing smells amazing even after drying clothes over 2 days due to rain stopping play, which is definitely not cricket.
Makes washing smell amazing
I loved this product, it really does leave your washing smelling amazing and for days and days, have brought a few times now when it’s on offer, would recommend
Love this !
Although on the pricey side, I love the amazing smell it leaves on my washing. In particular I use this on my bedding and bath towels.
Definitely will buy this again. The smell was amazing!!! X
Amazing scent
I really love the scent of this product and others commented on how nice it is. It does last a long time, I could still smell it throughout the day. It is a bit expensive for what it is so I don't buy it often and I do worry that it isn't a very environmentally friendly product, it would be good if the manufacturers made it clear how it compares to other products. However I would recommend it if you are looking for a washing scent booster I think it is the best out there.
Love these
Absolutely love lenor unstoppable the smell really lasts and my clothes smell amazing!
Does what it says. Smells lovely and the fragrance lasts for ages. Just a tad expensive for my liking. I use this regularly but I only purchase when on offer
Smells amazing
I’ve tried this product over and over again it’s amazing it’s like perfume my washing has never come out smelling better and the scent lasts too, I’ve had people ask what fragrance I was wearing because they love it, I wasn’t wearing any it’s that good..
Really like the product. Clothes smell nice for longer . Easy to use . Only one why is no 5* product is to high price
Lenor unstoppables
Love this smells so fresh on your washing lasts ages and won't use anything else now keeps everything soft and fresh well worth buying
Amazing Unstoppable smell :)
Love this- Clothes smell amazing for days on end. Easy to use - Love it.
This product makes your clothes smell so amazing. It lasts for a few days and other people comment on the smell of my clothes when I walk through the room! The only slight downside to this I would say is that it can sometimes be too irritating on the skin if you’re sensitive so make sure you do not use too much.

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