Lil-Lets Non-Applicator Tampons (SmartFit) – Regular – 16 pack

4.5 5 0 119 119 Lil-Lets SmartFit™ Non-Applicator tampons (regular), expand all the way round for amazing comfort, fit and protection against leaks. These tampons have a smooth, rounded tip for easy and comfor--addion, and are small and discreet, so they don’t take up much room in your handbag! If you’re looking to reduce plastic waste, Lil-Lets Smartfit™ Non-Applicator tampons (regular) are also a great option as they contain up to 97% less plastic* than Lil-Lets applicator tampons.
Lil-Lets Non-Applicator Tampons (SmartFit) – Regular – 16 pack


Good Price
Easy to apply, good price and product that I buy every month
Good produts
I like this product as has no applicator and I belive is much better for the environment. Unfortunately, if you have a heavy flow they don't last too long.
Excellent product
I have used lil-lets for years and have always gone back to them after trying other brands. I find the regular perfect for the not so heavy days at the beginning and end of my period. Easy to use and does the job well!
They are a good fit and absorb what they need to. No leaks and easy to apply.
Easy and compact.
Great tampons - I like these as they are discreet, take up very little space and I haven’t experienced any leaking as of yet!
Switch from tampax!!
Total convert from tampax, non applicator tampons are so comfortable. Easy to insert into the right spot and puff outwards rather than longways. Smaller and easier to handle plus easier to conceal. Superb!
Non applicator tampon
This product is easy to use and I find more accurate to insert than the applicator products on the market
Love it
The right product for me, I will definitely buy it again..
Good product
Easy to use, soft and secure. But I prefer pads.
It's great
It's small size great to carry out. And good absorption capacity. I long time looking for something like that
These are great, super comfortable while also being small and discrete for putting into a bag
Very comfortable , small easy to pop in your handbag or pocket gave me lasting protection at work so overall very happy will get in again
I use these every month, fantastic products. No leaking super absorbent, I love this range of products and I have tried many but they are the best.
My go to product during the time of the month. I’ve used these for years as they are the only tampon that are comfortable. Great range of sizes. Never leaked on these either. Always something I keep in my bathroom for visitors too.
Best on the market
I have used li let’s for years, they are so comfortable due to the way the expand and the have high absorption. I have only once or twice had a leak and that was due to my tardiness, this are my always go to product, I have got plenty of my friends to switch to these. At that time of the month you need comfort and these are the only tampons that I have tried that provide real comfort

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