4.8 5 0 190 190 Do you dream in chocolate? Then discover Lindor and enjoy a moment that is yours: When you break the delicate chocolate shell of Lindor, the irresistibly smooth filling starts to melt, gently caressing all your senses and taking you to a place where chocolate dreams come true.
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I love Lindt and I love chocolate orange so this is the best of both.
so good. Not as good as the original but taste just like chocolate orange
The chocolate is very creamy and you get a real orange taste. They just melt in your mouth delicious
This is the best chocolate and flavour I have ever had. They can be a bit pricey so get them on special occasions but definitely worth the price.
Who doesn't love Lindt? If you like chocolate orange then these hit the spot and melt in your mouth. The only problem is there are never enough in a pack to satisfy chocoholics!
Just morish
You cant beat this chocolate. Love this flavour. As you know just melts away. And so easy to eat the whole box lol
I love these
Like all Lindor chocolate this is creamy and delicious. The orange flavour isn’t overwhelming but really subtle. Could eat the whole box.
Oh these are addictive I can only imagine in dark chocolate yummmm.
Smooth and indulgent
The orange chocolate tastes wonderful and a lovely change to the usual chocolate. There is a rich taste of orange and it’s so creamy and smooth and blends into your mouth and you want to have another one. You must try.
Once you have one you have to have another. Try not to bite, if you can. I failed miserably
Nice chocolates
These chocolates are lovely, but my favourite is the original milk one.
Chocolate Orange
Full disclosure: I HATE chocolate and orange together - I like them separately but I just can't stand them together. I was given a pack of these as a gift and had to give them to my dad - he loved them! Lindor as a product (the non-orange ones) are gorgeous so I suspect if you like orangey chocs then you'll love these.
Orangey Dream
I love Lindor Chocolates and I must say these do not let the side down, melt in the mouth chocolate with the most delicious flavour, they are perfect for any occasion from putting your feet up with a good book to giving to that special someone as a gift.
Perfect melt in the mouth choccies
Not normally a big fan of chocolate orange treats but these are amazing. They literally melt in your mouth. Luxury chocolates without breaking the bank! I put them in each of the little advent windows at Christmas!
Little Chocolate orange balls of heaven
These are delicious such a velvety chocolate with a nice orange taste, not to orangey, there just right. Perfect little treat.

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