4.8 5 0 237 237 Do you dream in chocolate? Then discover Lindor and enjoy a moment that is yours: When you break the delicate chocolate shell of Lindor, the irresistibly smooth filling starts to melt, gently caressing all your senses and taking you to a place where chocolate dreams come true.
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These little scrummy choc orange balls are soooo good!, my new favourite, the soft melting centre is to die for!! Very orangey, I love them. I wish I could give more stars! Yum.
Love these
I love these melt in your mouth chocolates! Smooth, rich, orange taste what is not to love. Am going to have to buy more as they are not going to last long! Would recommend these.
Oh Yes
Definitely a step up from the original chocolate. Smooth, creamy and tangy. Yes, yes, yes
If you are a chocolate lover and Lately I am an orange chocolate lover you will love this. Luscious , full of cream, these are delicious
A treat
These are just divine. So creamy, full of flavour and satisfaction. I just love them. However, you only need one to make you feel full. They are way too sweet and heavy but a delicious treat and great for a present.
These are so yummy! They are smooth, creamy & luxury chocolate with a gentle orange flavour. These are 1 of my most favourite chocolates. The danger is that you cant stop eating them!
These are delicious, really good orange flavour and being lindor the chocolate is great, lovely texture as usual
Smooth and Lush
There is nothing else to say about these apart from hoe amazingly lush they are. Melt in the mouth smooth classy top quality orangy chocolate. its a 10/10 from me
Love this chocolate. Just the right amount of orange. Nice smooth chocolate. Could eat the whole box and more . If you love chocolate orange,you’ll love this . I’ll
More than moreish
Never having been a lover of Lindt balls ( unlike my O.H) I'd never really considered buying these, until someone else bought them for me, well please someone tell me why I waited so long, omg that chocolate orange manufacturer eat your heart out, Lindt has a convert
Love this chocolate , my favourite and they make it better by adding orange
Lindor orange chocolate
These are really lovely They have a lovely orange taste Makes a nice change.
So delicious
I loved these chocolate , rich creamy with just the right amount of orange flavour. The price is a little expensive but worth it if you want to indulge yourself.
Terrys who?
So if u love melt in the mouth chocolate and orange chocolate then what’s not to like. I loved these. A bit costly but with them being sooo rich u can kinda get away with it as a few at a time goes a long way
Love Love Love
Smooth silky chocolate with a delicious orange hint. These are a little piece of heaven that pop in your mouth and ooze over your taste buds like chocolate lava.

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