4.8 5 0 252 252 Do you dream in chocolate? Then discover Lindor and enjoy a moment that is yours: When you break the delicate chocolate shell of Lindor, the irresistibly smooth filling starts to melt, gently caressing all your senses and taking you to a place where chocolate dreams come true.
Lindor Milk Orange Chocolate
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Creamy and soft
A sweet orange taste that us not to over powering . Smooth and soft chocolate that is not sickly and very morish
Lovely mix of chocolate and orange, cant go wrong with Lindt.
Honestly my favourite chocolate, chocolate orange and Lindt together is amazing! Loved it
The nicest tasting lint I have ever had once I start I can easily eat a whole box. They are very creamy and sometimes a few too many can be sickly. They taste nothing like a terrys chocolate orange. Would live off these if I could.
These are so nice. I mean seriously nice. They are almost too good. I suggest you only take one from the box and make sure the box is well away from you else you will be adding weight fast lol highly recommend.
Simply devine!!
My absolute favourite lindt choccies! Had a box over Christmas and didn't share..... all for moi!! nom nom!!
Lovely taste
Lindt is definitely my go to brand when it comes to choosing because it is very smooth and not sickly at all. From Lindor Milk chocolate orange is my go to it is just some about chocolate and oranges mixed together!
I love lindt chocolate. Wouldn't never disappoint me. The best chocolate on the market.
I’m obsessed haha
I’m a big fan of chocolate orange flavoured things and these are perfect, not to sickly, just enough orange flavour. Would 100% recommend for others to try.
Lindt are the best
Lindt is the best the taste like they oranges and chocolate
The stuff that dreams are made of!
Too good... Lindor was already my favourite chocolate, followed by a famous chocolate orange. Now they give me the best of both worlds!
Simply divine!
These are simply the best chocolates on the market right now. Smooth, melt in the mouth and full of flavour!
I love the milk chocolate Lindt, and now with the added orange flavour, it is just a massive WOW. They melt in your mouth, the flavouring is just right, and I recently managed to purchase a packet of mini ones. The only problem was once I started eating them I couldn’t stop. It’s a big yes from me.
I love Lindt chocolate it’s just melt in your mouth and adding orange to it even better
Lindt is the best
Tastes like heaven. Another amazing flavour offered by Lindt. It will not disappoint you. Highly recommend.

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