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Gorgeously smooth
If you like the Lindor balls you will love these. The chocolate with the melt in your mouth chocolate filling is so smooth. This is a great size bar as it is sufficient to taste the product but isn't too much at once.
I love this chocolate, it's my favourite. These smaller bars are ideal for portion control, as I usually find with this product that I cannot stop eating it! Definitely recommend.
Now I can treat myself.
I have only ever had Lindor as a present and was always wowed by it. Being on a tight budget I could never justify the cost of a box though. But now this bar for 80p can be my luxurious "snack"
A piece of heaven
I absolutely love the lindht chocolate bar it's my almost favourite.
amazing chocolate, really indulging, creamy, smooth and melts in your mouth, i loved it, it is a proper treat and chocolate lifts the mood up, i would hope they use more sustainable packaging and ingredients (cocoa and palm derivatives)
I am a Lindt fan and these fab little bars are such a joy to experience and I often buy these because nothing is quite like this chocolate with its silky smooth texture and the way it slowly melts in your mouth from the warmth and the smell and taste are just wonderful and I find them exceptionally lovely with a good coffee or glass or Merlot and book to read.
Not the same
Tastes amazing but the inside doesnt have the same cold feeling like the original Lindo balls do. Other than that, these bars are delicious, always sitting in my snack box!
Nom nom nom
Lindt is one of my favourite brands of chocolate and it didnt disappoint 😍 melts in your mouth and you cant stop at one bar.. well I cant haha. Will definitely be buying again
This is a naughty persons version of a sweet from the box ... it is reserved in our house for a luxurious desert rather than a snack - yuuuum
this is the best chocolate you will ever have. melts in your mouth. Sensational experience
The best chocolate
By far my favourite chocolate to take to work in my lunch bag. Small enough that you wont ruin your diet but enough to get your chocolate fix.
Perfect size for a treat
Love Lindt lindor chocolate - it is so creamy and rich. These little sticks are a perfect size for a treat without ruining your diet or your appetite. I prefer these as they stop me munching on too much chocolate so keep my cravings at bay.
dream chocolate
great chocolate, always leaves you wanting more. Theses are perfect snack size to keep in your handbag.
5 stars for lindt
Who can turn down a bar of Lindt? That is my only negative part of this comment and why I didn't give full marks because having a pack of these just makes you eat more of them. Great taste as usual!
Family Winner
Love these bars of chocolate with the hard chocolate on the outside and the smooth runnier chocolate on the inside. These chocolate bars are pure bliss. These are my little boys favourite and my hubby loves them too as a family of three the only issue is who gets the spare.

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