4.9 5 0 577 577 The original and famous LINDOR milk chocolate truffle is also available in a chocolate bar! Perfect for treating yourself with its delicious smooth melting filling. For a guaranteed blissful moment to yourself every time.
Lindt Lindor Bar 100g
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What is it about Lindt chocolate!?! It is truly delicious, one of my favourites. I only have it as a treat for like Easter etc But I love it when I get it, so creamy, tasty, mmmmmm delicious!
One of the best!
It’s a creamy easy to eat chocolate bar that disappears too quickly!
The best chocolate
This chocolate bar does not disappoint. If you are a fan of the balls but find they are just a tad small, this is the perfect substitution for you- be careful though, you might find the whole bar gone before you know it
Only seeing the lindt brand on it talks about the chocolate. It is great. What more can you ask for from a chocolate bar that is like lindor chocolates. I do not eat lots of chocolate, but this one will be my first choice
The best chocolate
The best chocolate that has been ever made!! I love Lindor, theres nothing better!!!!
Always feels such a treat when I buy this bar
My partner loves the Lindt chocolate balls so I bought this bar to try it and have bought many bars since! Always feels like a treat to have this chocolate
smooth & creamy
The perfect chocolate bar, smooth, creamy and sooo good! would defo recommend it - once you try it you will love it
My fav!
I love this chocolate. It’s my favourite! It’s lovely and creamy, tastes gorgeous. Tastes just like their chocolate ball version. I recently had the Easter egg version of this because I love it so much. Hooked!
Lovely chocolate! Taste amazing! My little treat for my self!
My favourite chocolate
this is one of my favourite chocolates - such a great texture and flavour - melt it in your mouth. I always treat myself with this chocolate when I have an occasion
These Lindor chocolate bars taste amazing but the inside doesnt hold the same cold sensation like the original Lindo balls do. But they are so delicious i can't criticise them any further! These bars are delicious, always sitting in my snack box!
This Lindor bar is just like the Lindor truffles. Creamy and melt in your mouth. Better leave it in the warm room before eating it so that you can really taste the chocolate! Love it.
Linder chocolate bar
Love the smooth chocolate but not enough in it like the chocolate balls made by the same company
A tasty occasional treat. Smooth chocolate but very rich! I find it tastes better slightly warm as it just melts in the mouth.
I absolutely love this chocolate and I can't resist it . The aftertaste is amazing and I'm not going to share it with anyone .

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