4.9 5 0 537 537 The original and famous LINDOR milk chocolate truffle is also available in a chocolate bar! Perfect for treating yourself with its delicious smooth melting filling. For a guaranteed blissful moment to yourself every time.
Lindt Lindor Bar 100g
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The ultimate
I love this chocolate so much. The texture is amazing, and the way it melts in my mouth.. O M G!! This is my favourite chocolate easily. Once you have eaten this you will never want to try any other brands again
the best
honestly one of the best chocolates that i have ever tasted. it was smooth and silky and it just melted in the mouth. it was an ok price but it was just so good .everyone should try it
Love anything lindor related and this product is no different. You can taste the quality of chocolate it’s far better than other brands
oh my, what a treat !!
I am not usually one for overindulging in chocolate ... but i got bought a bar as a thank you.. and once I started i couldn't stop ... it was so creamy and melt in the mouth.
This is my favourite chocolate ever it's so heavenly I don't share
lindt lindor chocotale
The best chocolate ever. Delicious taste and smouth. I recommended.
Lovely chocolate
When it comes to choosing some chocolate lindt is my first choice especially this one. It is very smooth, and not sickly at all compared to other brands. It's a chocolate that you can't get bored of.
Love this chocolate so smooth, not sickly. It's a chocolate that you can't get bored of.
Lindt chocolate bar
My fave chocolate to date! I love all product from lindt but the chocolate bars are lovely and not sickly
Would much rather curl up with this smooth and dreamy hunk than any other type. Each perfectly formed bite sized piece melts in your mouth leaving a rich satisfying aftertaste like no other.
Moorish, but prefer your balls
Being a big fan of Lindt I can definitely say that I have tried most chocolate that they have on offer. This is reasonably easy to find in shops and has the bonus of being cheaper than buying a box of the same milk chocolate balls. The texture is wonderfully smooth, with the extra smooth centre. These bars melt very easily though, so don't put in your pocket etc. A satisfying guilty pleasure.
Ive never been a chocolate person but this might have just won me over. Its velvety and melts in the mouth and its not huge slab like chunks like most chocolate these days
Best chocolate ever..plain and needs nothing else. Melts in the mouth
quality you expect
the quality signature flavour of the lindor range in chocolate bar form. well worth the price for the extra flavor and texture .
Too delicious!
Yummy, amazing, unfortunately impossible not to eat entire bar in one go!

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