4.9 5 0 563 563 The original and famous LINDOR milk chocolate truffle is also available in a chocolate bar! Perfect for treating yourself with its delicious smooth melting filling. For a guaranteed blissful moment to yourself every time.
Lindt Lindor Bar 100g
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I absolutely love this chocolate and I can't resist it . The aftertaste is amazing and I'm not going to share it with anyone .
Lindor is one of my most favourite chocolates of choice by far, as it's not overpowering or sickly sweet, nor is it bland to the taste. It manages to combine just the right amount of sweetness with silkiness of the gorgeous chocolate flavour, and it's very easy to eat more than one. All in all,Lindor brand has never failed to deliver the quality.
Delicious taste
This was a nice taste , melting on the tongue, definetly recommend it to chocolate lovers. Love Lindt chocolate and this is nice change after little sharing boxes
Best on the market
This is probably the most tasty milk chocolate on the market. Lindt's products always means highest quality to me. This chocolate is very creamy, soft and melts in mouth. Well packaged.
Family favourite
Let's just say, if this is in the house, it doesn't last long. Great taste, creamy and rich and not overly expensive. I'd take this over a bar of dairy milk any day!
I love this chocolate, the flavour of lindor ball chocolate in a bar. Soft, creamy and melts on your tongue. What more could you ask for. Only problem is unlike the ball chocolate where you can stop at a couple with the bar you tend to eat the whole thing!
Very yummy chocolate bar, creamy chocolate and slightly addictive. Can get a little sickly but once you start you can't stop. Would happily buy again even though it is a little pricey.
Luxury chocolate must have
Each square is perfectly melt in your mouth chocolate to savour! It’s got the trademark red wrapper and is the perfect size bar, not to big nor small. Chocolate perfect to enjoy with a glass of wine
To die for!
I can eat a whole bar of this without feeling any guilt! Love the taste and texture. Just delicious!
Lindt...what's not to love!
Lindt is by far my favourite chocolate and these bars taste super indulgent! Really rich and creamy. When I buy these I have to hide them from my husband as he'll devour them before I have a chance!
Lovely smooth chocolate truly delicious whole family enjoyed it
Lindor Bar
This chocolate is probably one of my all time faves! The chocolate has such a nice soothing and indulgent taste to it, to the point where you just want to keep eating more! I think Chocolate lovers will defo love this and i certainly do reccomend!!
Lindor chocolate
I love this chocolate it just melts away so yummy its my favourite slab of chocolate not for sharing though lol
My Favourite
This is my favourite chocolate. I have half a bar in front of me right now! So smooth and delicious. Love the melty inside bit the best.
Love this and so does the rest of the family. This chocolate is made in such a way that it melts in your mouth. It is delicate and smells of pure chocolate. It is not heavy being thin blocks that break easily as you bend them however they are not so thin that the other blocks break in half at the same time. They are delicate with the right amount of structure that they do not crumble either.One of our house favourites

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