4.8 5 0 122 122 When you unwrap Lindor and break its delicate chocolate shell, the irresistibly smooth filling starts to melt, gently carrying you away in a moment of bliss.
Lindt Lindor Milk Mint Chcolate Truffles
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Great tasting
This is a great tasting chocolate with a nice minty taste
So creamy and smooth!
If you're like me and enjoy mint chocolate, you will go wild for these! Its the creamiest smoothest chocolate and truffle filling, not too minty either, absolutely delicious!
Perfect gift
Perfect gift, so delicious and sweet. My family loves it
These are just my go to chocolates all the time! The first thing on my Christmas lists haha! Just the melt in the middle in your mouth and the smooth mint flavor ! WOW! I seriously need a life time supply of all the flavours haha. Just cannot get enough!
Love it
Lindor is one of my favourite chocolates and the mint one is just perfect
Got these as a pressy. They are beautiful! Can’t just stop at one they are so more-ish!
Lindt chocolately goodness, with mint
Minty Lindt chocolatey goodness, absolute heaven. They only just come a very close second to the white chocolate ones. Absolutely beautiful, smooth and subtle taste. I'm a chocoholic who loves lindt products and these are in the top three!
Luxury, smooth and lovely tasting chocolates. Definitely a nice treat!
After Eight Balls! An amazing idea, executed brilliantly!
Although expensive, these are a very satisfying treat for anyone who likes the mint chocolate combination. The signature soft milk chocolate ball filled with a minty cream centre is absolutely divine!
My fav!
I love mint and chocolate and these balls are full of flavour! They are my absolutely favourite
I love lindt chocolate. Wouldn't never disappoint me. The best chocolate on the market.
My go to after dinner mint chocolate
These are my go to after dinner mint chocolate. I love the smooth velvety texture and just the right amount of mint flavour coated in milk chocolate. I’d definitely recommend.
Prefer other tasty balls.
Although I do like minty fresh balls (like aero) I had hoped for something of a different caliber from Lindt. Okay yes, they still have that signature smoothness and that gooey centre, but of all the balls they have on offer, these are my least favourite.
Wonderfully smooth
These are amazing... Full of minty flavour, smooth and they simply melt in your mouth. Very moreish!
Really nice
These have to be my favourite of all the Lindor chocolates. Lovely and creamy chocolate and a really nice minty taste. The only trouble is once you've started the box you just can't stop eating them until you've finished them.

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