4.8 5 0 128 128 When you unwrap Lindor and break its delicate chocolate shell, the irresistibly smooth filling starts to melt, gently carrying you away in a moment of bliss.
Lindt Lindor Milk Mint Chcolate Truffles
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My fav!
I love mint and chocolate and these balls are full of flavour! They are my absolutely favourite
I love lindt chocolate. Wouldn't never disappoint me. The best chocolate on the market.
My go to after dinner mint chocolate
These are my go to after dinner mint chocolate. I love the smooth velvety texture and just the right amount of mint flavour coated in milk chocolate. I’d definitely recommend.
Prefer other tasty balls.
Although I do like minty fresh balls (like aero) I had hoped for something of a different caliber from Lindt. Okay yes, they still have that signature smoothness and that gooey centre, but of all the balls they have on offer, these are my least favourite.
Wonderfully smooth
These are amazing... Full of minty flavour, smooth and they simply melt in your mouth. Very moreish!
Really nice
These have to be my favourite of all the Lindor chocolates. Lovely and creamy chocolate and a really nice minty taste. The only trouble is once you've started the box you just can't stop eating them until you've finished them.
A true minty taste
Love Lindt chocolates these mint ones are a delicious treat. Hard to restrict yourself from over indulging.
Love them
These are delicious. The chocolate is really creamy and they have just the right amount of mint so it's not over powering.
Not worth the price
I am usually an advocate of Lindor and love all things mint so I was excited to see they had made mint flavour. I was somewhat disappointed to find even though the lovely textures was still present it tasted very similar to mint aero.
A piece of heaven
I love lindor and these little balls did not disappoint! Velvety smooth chocolate with a punch of mint. Up there as my new favourites!
This chocolate was lovely and creamy. Lovely with a cup of tea. The mint was very flavourful and still get the lindt chocolate taste.
A taste of luxury
A smooth silky chocolate that tastes of luxury . A strong mint flavour that is not over powering and goes well with the chocolate is a delicious chocolate .
Luxary Mint
These are quite nice and very minty but not as good as the other Lindor versions as the mint tends to overpower the chocolate. A little bit less mint flavouring might just make them perfect.
Absolutely delicious it's exactly as a Lindor chocolate should be smooth creamy and a delicate mint taste scrumptious I will definitely be buying these again when I see them on a very good offer
Really tasty
Luxury, smooth and lovely tasting chocolates. Definitely a nice treat!

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