4.8 5 0 128 128 When you unwrap Lindor and break its delicate chocolate shell, the irresistibly smooth filling starts to melt, gently carrying you away in a moment of bliss.
Lindt Lindor Milk Mint Chcolate Truffles
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My absolute favourite is mint chocolate. Super moorish and melt in the mouth.
Lindor always feels like a bit of a treat and these don't disappoint! Generously filled with a smooth minty filling - what I love if that the mint is quite gentle rather than overpowering. I let them melt in my mouth as it feels more indulgent and the chocolate shell is thick and sweet. I also really like the packaging and oh! The smell when you open the box made my mouth water! My favourite Lindor flavour by far!
Gooey lovliness
These are really nice especially when they melt on your tongue as you are trying not to chew. Lovely indulgent treat.
My sons favourite
My 8yr old son loves these! Mint choc is his favourite flavour combo. The bars you get of these are also yum and as a treat I often get it for him after school.
Yum yum
Mint ones are my favourite, chocolate is sooo smooth and the minty filling is to die for.
Gorgeous chocolates and very minty. These are creamy and fresh
To good to share
These yummy balls of delicious delight that melt away in your mouth
My favourite chocolate
Can’t recommend these enough, I buy these for every occasion. Can’t beat them when they are given at Christmas or on mother’s day! They can improve by putting more in a box lol
A lovely little treat
I love Lindt mainly due to its consistency. It literally melts in your mouth! And the mint flavour is really lovely and not too overpowering.
mint dream
Absolutely dreamy, such a delicious combination of lindor and mint
A firm favourite
I tried these over Christmas and they are delicious, not too minty, you can still taste the creamy lindt chocolate, I couldn't stop at just one!
Minty and silky, melts like a dream. Give me more.
My favorite ones
I am fixated on anything mint at the minute but these are just a little bit special , they are very rich and just seem to effortlessly melt away so are very satisfying All my friends like these that I have told too.
So nice!
These are so nice! Soft, creamy and just the right amount of minty flavour not too sickly
Nice mint and chocolate flavour. Mint flavour not too overpowering. Very soft and creamy texture.

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