4.8 5 0 115 115 When you unwrap Lindor and break its delicate chocolate shell, the irresistibly smooth filling starts to melt, gently carrying you away in a moment of bliss.
Lindt Lindor Milk Mint Chcolate Truffles
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So nice!
These are so nice! Soft, creamy and just the right amount of minty flavour not too sickly
Nice mint and chocolate flavour. Mint flavour not too overpowering. Very soft and creamy texture.
Im not so keen on the mint. This it is the texture?
So light and delicious, really light yet flavoursome refreshing mint flavour.
These are just delicious!
These are just delicious! I really feel you ought to try one of these however they are Moorish so you always end up eating two or three. Very very silky and smooth and ideal for after dinner and any time of day, lovely.
Yum yum yum
Love lindt and these have to be my favourite mint choc ever and the reason for that is the milk chocolate as opposed to dark. Winner for me.
Not my favourite
I am a huge fan of Lindt and love trying their new flavours. The mint wasn't my favourite as I tend to prefer more natural flavours. I won't buy this again but that didn't stop me from finishing the whole box!
As if Lindor couldn't get any better they come out with a mint edition. These are amazing! As with most Lindt chocolate they are so creamy and smooth, the flavour packs a punch but isn't too over powering. They can get quite sickening very easily but that doesn't stop me :-P
Mint chocolate heaven
Absolutely gorgeous tasting silkiest chocolate in the world best flavour ever and very Addictive not sickly at all just need more in a box worth the money every one should buy these
I was given some of these as a gift and they were absolutely delicious, they literally melt in the mouth and the mint is not overpowering.
very moreish
We shared these in the office at work and they didn't last long! Everyone seemed to like them, and I prefer them to the standard Lindor balls.
Minty, Silky, Chocolatey perfection
These are my favourite chocolates, all Lindor is lovely - so smooth and silky. The combination of mint and lindor chocolate - heaven for me. They were bought for me as a Christmas gift and I can still taste them whenever I think about them. I'm a choc a holic, love my chocolate!
Very minty
I was just thinking of getting a treat for myself, I love minty things. Happened to stumble across this. The taste and flavour was awesome. Will purchase this again surely
Love them
My husband and I love those. We can have trouble just taking one or two!
I got them for my mum for mother's day, they are soooo good. I ended up eating the majority of them in the end! They're so smooth and refreshing. I could eat the whole pack at once. Absolutely recommended for people who love mint flavoured things (it is a really light mint flavour though)

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