4.8 5 0 115 115 When you unwrap Lindor and break its delicate chocolate shell, the irresistibly smooth filling starts to melt, gently carrying you away in a moment of bliss.
Lindt Lindor Milk Mint Chcolate Truffles
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Very moorish
I love these as don’t like dark chocolate, hence nice in milk. Full of flavour and silky smooth melt in your mouth I normally have 1 at bedtime occasionally 2. A must for all to try.
Best balls so far
I’m a huge fan of Lindt balls. Tried most of them. So finding the mint ones in the shops I was hugely tempted. Was not disappointed. Thick choc on the outside melting to a subtle minty freshness of creamy choc on the inside. I even bought a box for one of my daughters at Easter.
So delicious creamy and smooth
Wonderful so smooth and melts so perfectly. Not too minty just right. Can never go wrong with Lindt.
This product is absolutely yummy. Really enjoyed it
Definitely one for anyone who loves mint.... Not only do you get the luxury taste of lint chocolate but you also get a really refreshing mint taste... These tastes great and leaving you with a minty fresh taste in your mouth... Definitely one to try especially if you love mint x
Love love love
I love lindor, been stuck with just milk ones for a long time as I dont like a fruity flavour so the addition of mint was perfect for me.
Lindt is my favourite treat and this mint does not disappoint packed full of minty flavour
Who doesn't love mint chocolate
These are a firm favourite in my house after sampling them in our local supermarket one day, the whole family loved them and Lindt products in general. Wish they were even more minty.
Favourite chocolate now in mint
Absolutely love these, creamy minty goodness. Definitely will be buying some of these for Easter presents.
The best chocolates
These are my favourite Lindor chocolates by far. Absolutely delicious flavour and melt in your mouth texture. I could eat so many of these (if they weren’t so expensive!)
These are so good! I wanted to eat the whole box! Lovely mint flavour that isn’t over powering and the classic creamy chocolate. Only down side is they are a little pricey so best saved for a special occasion.
Mint perfection
Too good for children best kept in the top cupboard mint chocolate so delicious!
My husband and I were disappointed with this product, much prefer Lindt other truffles and will stick with our usual brand of mint chocolates for after dinner
The best chocolate i have ever tasted, full of a minty flavour and a delicious creamy texture. I almost ate the whole box in one go.
Another lindor melting bliss
This is another joyous treat from Lindt. If you love the taste of mint and the melting marvel of Lindor then this is a treat. The outside is solid chocolate and then the middle is soft chocolate. The taste of mint isn't overpowering.

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