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Lindt Raspberry Intense Dark Chocolate
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although I prefer milk chocolate, when I reach for bitter, I always choose the one from Lindt, because it has a wonderful taste, it tastes a lot better than other dark chocolate, I definitely recommend
Lindt, there's no chocolate like it.
Recently I have stopped chocolates but dark chocolate is different. I have tried this chocolate, although it is expensive in stores, its flavour is indescribable and well worth it. No short comings and I will definitely recommend it to others!
favourite dark chocolate bar
this is my favourite dark chocolate bar. the taste is out of this world. tastes really great,melts lovely in your mouth. love the raspberry flavour aswell
Best Combo
High quality dark chocolate with a nice raspberry twist. The flavors are nicely balanced and the chocolate isn't oversweet. I love to grab a bar before a movie night in, instead of binging on hershey's milk chocolate.
Lindt Raspberry
One of the best I have bought it 6 times I can't get enough of it I love dark chocolate especially this new raspberry
Loving this flavour
I love Dark Chocolate. Always looking for new flavours. I have bought this product at least 4 times. Love the taste ans texture. It is so tasty and addictive. Highly recommended
Lovely dark chocolate
I’m not overly fussed about really dark chocolate as I find it too bitter but the sweetness from the raspberries make this very enjoyable to eat. Very rich though so great to limit how much you eat
Winning combo
I love dark chocolate and raspberry - and this one is one of the best. Be careful not to eat too much! It is just the right balance between the two flavours.
This is amazing! Sorry I know people buy dark chocolate so you're not supposed to want to eat as much in one go, but I have no stop button where this chocolate is concerned 🤗 The raspberries in it are delicious.
I love dark chocolate and this flavour became one of my favourite from lindt, combination is just so tasty
I'm not normally a fan of dark chocolate but love raspberries so thought I'd give this a go and I'm so glad I did. The chocolate is quite rich and not bitter as I often find dark chocolate and it works really well with the sharpness of the raspberry. I'll certainly be buying this again.
I like dark chocolate and I like raspberry. This combination is just brilliant
This is my favourite! Fruity yet flavourful and great for snacks or movie nights, as well as melting into luxurious baking. Gorgeous taste, definitely worth the little extra money.
Very good chocolate and very tasty . I love this chocolate.
This is a chocolate you take your time with & savour. The richness of the dark chocolate then the sudden mix of sweet & sour notes of the raspberries just makes you want to go back for another piece. Lindt have done it again. Cannot rate this chocolate enough.

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