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One of my favourite things to keep in the fridge
I love this drink, I love to have a bottle in the fridge at home. Perfect summer drink. Sweet but not too sweet, you can taste the tea flavour which you can't in some other iced tea drinks
Lovely refreshing drink if you like ice tea with just enough lemon flavour.
really thirst quenching
Great drink. Refreshing, thirst quenching and delicious all at once. Cant seem to stop before the bottle is finished
It’s not bad over all, not too sweet or bitter. Very refreshing on a hot day; even when served warm. Definitely better in the 1.25L bottle knowing I’ve got more left.
Lipton lemon tea
A lovely refreshing drink. Great taste, tastes like it says tea and lemon. I would recommend this to anyone after a refreshing, low calorie alternative to fizzy drink..........
Refreshing zing
Lipton Ice teas are a good alternative to unhealthy fizzy drinks. They have a refreshing zing and a clean taste on the palate. Very nice bottle and the price is very reasonable for this product.
Lovely and refreshing but it’s not quite peach tastes good though
Wish it was available all year round
I love this drink and would have a bottle in the fridge all the time but my local supermarket only has it in the summer. A sparkling version would be nice.
My favourite drink!
I absolutely love the flavour of this iced tea.. you can really taste the tea flavour! So refreshing, especially when served with ice..literally cannot get enough of it. The product is perfect as it is, would recommend.
Tasty and refreshing! Best served straight out of the fridge!
Really nice taste, perfect for summer and hot weather, not too sweet, just right
Easier to drink to quench thirst than a fizzy drink.
I find fizzy drinks don't quench my thirst in hot weather so I much prefer to drink this. It's so refreshing without being sickly sweet like some squashes are.
Refreshing drink
I love this drink, its really refreshing and a perfect summer drink
My Favourite Drink!
This is by far my favourite flavour of Lipton's tea, I'm so glad I can now purchase it in a larger bottle! The drink itself is super refreshing and just the right amount sweetness for my personal taste. All of the flavours work well together and I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys iced black tea.
Tasty !
Very refreshing drink, must be serving cold. Recommended!

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