4.7 5 0 64 64 Still Soft Drink with Tea Extract and Mango Juice with Sugars and Sweetener. Low in calories, No colours and preservatives, no artificial sweeteners.
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It is my son favourite drink. Really tasty and refreshing.
Lipton mango tea
Very refreshing and thirst quenching.Great value for money.
love liptons ice tea the mango is by far my favorite my kids also love it great refreshing in the summer too
Coming from Canada I was used to Iced Tea.. finding this Liptons was was a miracle.. enjoyed it very much, especially during this hot weather.. . Loved the mango taste.. sweet enough for me.
I love this drink it's tasty and really refreshing :)
perfectly refreshing
I am a huge fan of ice teas and I have to admit Lipton is one of my favourite brands. They never scrimp on taste like many ice tea brand do, making them more watery then actual fruity flavour. Lipton tastes fantastic and this mango flavour is so refreshing and has a real summer vibe to it.
I loved this 😊
So refreshing and very fruity loved this, I would definitely recommend you give it a try. ❤️
Great Taste
One of my favourite ice teas, doesn’t taste too sweet and it’s always refreshing, can’t go wrong with mango in my books. It’s just as hame that Lipton doesn’t release more flavours like in other European countries.
i love it
honestly this is my favorite drink from all time it’s just simply amazing
Best on a budget
I loved iced tea from Starbucks, Costa and cafe Nero. Unfortunately I can't justify spending £4+ everytime. Lipton is absolutely amazing and the mango is one of my favourite flavours and significantly cheaper than takeaway drinks.
Cold with ice!
I love this drink. It's best chilled and if you add abit of ice even better. Its light, refreshing and quenchs your thirst.
A regular in our shopping trolley
This is a big hit in our household. I have care of my 13 year grandson who absolutely loves Liptons Ice Tea, and of course I don't mind him drinking this as it a sensible choice. I do my monthly shop and buy 5 bottles. Which is normally gone in a fortnight.
Another favourite!
I really love this brand of iced tea anyway! But the mango....wow! Its not too sweet, its really refreshing, especially with ice!! Will definitely keep buying this and would recommend!
My favourite is the raspberry ice tea. But this is just as nice. Would deffinatly get this again even the kids enjoyed it.
Best iced tea
I love Lipton iced tea. I think the peach one and the mango ones are the sweetest compared to the lemon flavour one. But they are all equally delicious and refreshing!

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