4.6 5 0 150 150 Still Soft Drink with Tea Extract and Mango Juice with Sugars and Sweetener. Low in calories, No colours and preservatives, no artificial sweeteners.
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A nice refreshing fruit flavoured ice tea drink, can be found in most supermarkets and easy to drink. Feels like a healthier option than fizzy drinks and has a nice flavour. Perhaps not my favourite flavour, but still good!
Will be good on hot days
A bit too sweet for me, but kid just loved it, and contains less sugar than drinks he usually asks me to buy. I've just bought it first time, but definitely will buy again, especially in summer.
So good
it so good,, my whole family adores all flavor we always have it in our fridge at home.
Gorgeous mango
For any mango lovers out there, this is the drink for you! Delicious! Will definitely buy it again!! Yum yum highly recommend this to others if you like ice tea! My partner loves it too
Lipton ice tea
Lip ice tea is my favorite drink during the day. I like this delicate taste of mango. Perfect for lunch. My all family like drinking this drink. Of course must be chilled.
The best tea drink
I can sincerely say that Lipton tea drinks are the best, they are so iconic that whenever I think of an iced tea drink, Lipton comes immediately to my mind. It's so refreshening, cold or at room temperature, you can drink it any way and it tastes delicious. Not too sweet, all the ingredients are well made and balanced. All the flavours they came up with work but my absolute favourite is the mango. It's a regular on our grocery shopping list and no far none other brand was able to surpass Lipton. I don't think there is a soul who doesn't know this brand!
Lovely iced tea, the mango version is truly refreshing especially on a hot day. Found this hydrating at the same time and would buy again for a flavoured drink. The fact it is lower in calories is great too.
great taste very refreshing. I really like it on hot days. I drank the whole bottle
Holiday drink
I always drink this on holiday. So refreshing and tasty. Love it
Not my favourite
I'm afraid that this flavour is not my favourite. I much more like the original lemon flavour. In my opinion it could be more fruity.
Good refreshment
Nice drink, but for me one glass it's enough. A little bit too sweet.
I love this drink is very tasty when it appears in my house on the table disappears in 5 minutes everyone tastes. The addition of mangoes in tea gives a very good taste we are all his fans. we recommend
The best.
Very delicious tea, good fragrance, one of my favourites from lipton on par with the lemon, not too sweet but leaves an amazing after taste thank you.
This drink is delicious, so refreshing and light and the mango in it just brings out the flavour even more.
The best from lipton
I love ice tea from Lipton and mango is my favourite one!

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