4.6 5 0 170 170 Still Soft Drink with Tea Extract and Mango Juice with Sugars and Sweetener. Low in calories, No colours and preservatives, no artificial sweeteners.
Lipton Ice Tea Mango 1250ml
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My favourite drink of all time
Lipton mango is absolutely amazing it not over the top sweet. It’s the perfect drink for a hot summers day, mango is my go to flavour, if you don’t like any cold tea this drink isn’t for you
I don't drink tea so I'm glad this has a more fruity flavour, ive tried other ice teas that are more strong in tea. I try to keep this cold. Its refreshing especially on a hot day.
Rich flavor
Very nice and good taste. Amazing to add some ice cubes and feel like you are on Bahamas, drinking the best drink ever. Also adding some on slushies giving you much better feeling.
Prefer this to the other flavours of Lipton, but it is still a little bitter to me.
Refreshing cold tea
Absolutely loved this drink since I was a child. I like the taste of this cold tea compared to others I've tried. I'd recommend
What's not to like!
Mango and iced tea - whats not to like! Super delicious and refreshing drink. Could be in more eco friendly packaging but it's very nice!
Mango iced tea
Very tasty and refreshing drink. Serve with Lots of ice. Also love the peach flavoured one.
I first tried this whilst abroad and I'm SO happy that it has been released in the UK now, it always takes be back to sitting on a beach with no cares in the world!
Tastes great
Love this mango ice tea, even better once it’s chilled. So refreshing, can really taste the mango
Lipton mango tea
I enjoy the Lipton mango tea. It has less sugar which doesn't change the overall taste of the drink. It's thirst quenching. Can freeze the whole bottle to make an large icepop to drink slowly whilst doing activities in a hot day. Or can be placed into small individual ice pops for children. Larger bottle for more goodness.
Juicy and refreshing
I love Lipton ice teas! This juicy mango offering is delicious! There is a beautiful mango flavour but it doesn't overpower the tea which is good. It is lovelt and refreshing served chilled over ice. Great for the warmer weather.
Fruity yet refreshing definitely quinces your thirst
Very refreshing flavour
I bought it for our family trip and we all really enjoy it. Comes in good bottle size. Nice flavour of Mango. Feel like very nice nature ingredients ice tea . Would definetly buy it again
Its ok
This drink its nice chilled on a summer day, when its hot. Refreshing, and taste nice but its a bit artificial. I am not sure why it taste artificial for me. Its not that sweet, just about right
I love this drink over plenty of ice...very thirst quenching but not overly sweet

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