4.7 5 0 108 108 Listerine® Smart Rinse® is a fluoride mouthwash that helps protect your child's teeth against cavities when used twice daily after brushing. Contains Fluoride, which strengthens teeth and reduces cavities by up to 40% more than brushing alone. Fights bad bacteria, a major cause of plaque and gum disease. Goes around the whole mouth, reaching teeth, gums and tongue. It attracts and tints the bits that brushing misses, showing your child the proof in the sink. Protection against cavities Cleans what brushing misses Fun & easy way to protect teeth Alcohol & sugar free mouthwash Does not contain alcohol
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Kids like it
Kids say it tastes nice but it doesn’t smell as fresh as the mint one. I prefer a minty fresh breath to a fruity one but the kids are happy to use it which is a bonus
My son is loving this moutwash. The tasty is great, it is like bubble gum and help him to keep his mouth clean. Recommend.
Great for kids
I get my kids to use this as I worry they are not brushing correctly! They prefer this one to the mint one
Fantastic product for kids. My son Very like this Because I have too for adults . And give this together and my son is very happy later .
Kids love it
My children have been using this for a while now and love having their on mouthwash . Love to look after their teeth like mummy and daddy do. Great for kids!
My kids love this as they always see me using mouthwash!! I’ve also now used theirs too!!! Great taste
Not just good for kids
Sometimes a mint mouthwash is too much, so got this for my son and I’ve used it also. It’s definitely a more palatable flavour compared to the minty kind and encourages younger children to rinse without them thinking all mouthwash is tingly and minty
kid friendly
The kids loved using this product. Gives them the extra push to clean their teeth.
Kids love it
My kids love this and it encourages them to rinse evey day so win win for this mummy
My granddaughters hate mint toothpaste and mouthwash but they love this berry one and they love how they squeeze the amount they want up definitely a great product in our household
Kids love it
I recently bought for my kids, because they don't really like minty toothpastes and mouth wash. Luckily they like it and now using every day.
Berry nice
This is the only mouthwash I can get my son to use as he doesn't like the taste of others but says this is lovely and makes his mouth feel nice and clean.
Great product
Great product for the kids very mild taste glad it's not strong as it gets my kids to use it everyday it has become part of their daily rountine now and wont go without it
Easy to get kids to use
My daughter loves this and even takes a small bottle to school to use after her lunch tastes yummy as she says
Nice taste - good idea for children
Really nice flavour - not like all the others which are minty! My son loves this as it isnt minty and is a different option. Good price and leaves bits of orange where plaque has been missed after brushing. Really good tool to use for children who can often miss some areas after brushing

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