4.6 5 0 124 124 Our creamy, caring shampoo is enriched with a cocktail of Keratin, Vitamins and Castor Oil. The formula cleanses and helps to reinforce the hair. It helps to protect against breakage* and reduces the appearance of split ends**.
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Not as expected.
Shampoo required two applications to get the squeaky washed feeling that I like. Didn't foam up as much as like my shampoo to. Smells really nice though. Maybe better on thinner hair.
Couldn't make my mind up!
I absolutely loved this product; the smell, the texture, the way it made my hair feel, etc. However, I did find that it made my hair look and feel much greasier than usual after only a day! I can usually leave my hair a few days between washes, but I had to wash much more regularly or use dry shampoo with this product as it just made my hair so greasy,
smells great
this shampoo smelled really nice and was easy to apply and it left my hair feeling softer and shinier than usual.
Makes my hair so smooth
If you have straight hair thick hair, it is amazing. I keep on going back to using this product very often
This shampoo has made my hair so much healthier and grow so much faster since cutting it short!
Lovely product
Lovely and simple, the scent is great and I've noticed a big difference in the length and my split ends. Would buy again.
No more split ends!!!
My 11yo daughter had hair down to her waist earlier this year and I bought this because her hair looked dry. This was amazing and smells lovely, I have short hair and j use it too.
Smells great but drying!
So I originally bought this as it was targeted towards long hair with damaged ends, used with conditioner until that ran out and then continued to use on it's own. I would say despite it being formulated for more damaged hair it's far too drying and chemically to actually be good for and improve the health/ look of your hair. It does an amazing job of cleansing the scalp, but left my hair sticking up in places where it was dry. Has a gorgeous smell though! Overall, good if your hair's strong/ healthy/ has little breakage, otherwise go somewhere else.
its ok, but noithing special, so I will stay with my usual shampoo.
.great Product
I have been using this restoring shampoo for a few months now, i love it, my split ends are almost gone and healed, it smells divine and it lasts all day and night my hair also seems to have gained strength, my sister now uses it too, if you haven't tried it yet you should give it a go.
Not as it seems
This product smells lovely and as it says dreamy. But this product contains a silicone which only covers the split ends so you think it's doing a good job when actually in the long term it's worse for your hair especially if you use hair dryers and other heat styling methods.
Clean and fresh
This shampoo smells lovely and leaves my hair feeling soft and clean. I've used it for a month now and have noticed the condition of my hair has improved.
smells sweet
i love the smell of this shampoo its subtle but refreshing and aweet made my gair shine and managable it looked fresh and felt soft after use easy to apply and wash out no problems a lovely shampoo nice texture and thickness
Great for long hair
My daughter has hair to her knees and it’s thick so anything to do with hair is hard work but this smells lovely and lathers up really well making it speedy and easy to wash her hair. smells lovely too.
A really nice shampoo
This Smells really nice and not overpowering. It left my hair soft, sleek and smelling nice. I would definitely use it again and recommend it to friends.

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