4.6 5 0 134 134 Our creamy, caring shampoo is enriched with a cocktail of Keratin, Vitamins and Castor Oil. The formula cleanses and helps to reinforce the hair. It helps to protect against breakage* and reduces the appearance of split ends**.
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lovely shampoo on hair
lovely shampoo leaves hair shiny and smooth. and lovely smell and no nastys in it.
Love this Shampoo
Love this Shampoo & Conditioner !! Smells Lovely & leaves my hair feeling silky & smooth - highly recommend
Dreamy Hair
My favourite Shampoo & Conditioner at the moment. Smells fantastic, and leaves my hair feeling silky. I have thick hair that gets very notty, and it’s not nice to brush once I’ve showered using these products - highly recommend
Lesves hair clean and not left greasy like others have smells nice aswell
I use it together with Dream Long conditioner and I am very satisfied. The shampoo moisturizes the hair without making it greasy, and it smells beautiful and foams well. ADVANTAGES: - moisturizes and cares, - does not grease the scalp, - smells good, - it foams well, - efficient.
Smooth hair
I thought this product was brilliant. It smells really nice and is easy to use. I liked how you only have to use a small amount. The product does what it says and my ends of my hair feel so much better after only a few uses. I would definitly recommend this.
Best shampoo ever tried
Best shampoo for very greasy hair and it leaves you hair silky smooth and very soft for weeks upon end.
Leaves hair feeling heavy the next day
I initially loved this shampoo, it smells great, cleans well although needs 2 washes to get a squeaky clean, but the next day my long hair felt very heavy and weighed down by product, almost like it needed washing again! I do like the things I have mentioned as being good but I would not choose to purchase again due to the heavy feeling and the fact that I needed to wash my hair more often than usual.
The best of the best!
This entire range of products is my absolute favourite, I have not used any other brand or range for a long time after finding this! If youre lucky aswell.. Superdrug always have this on offer! So worth the money!
I have long thin naturally curly hair but due to heat damage lost my curl washing my hair with this and detangle conditioner is restoring my hair and is bringing my curls back with a bounce and smells gotgeous too i would recommend to anyone trying to get their curl back and also if your hair is dry frizzy and damaged
Not as expected.
Shampoo required two applications to get the squeaky washed feeling that I like. Didn't foam up as much as like my shampoo to. Smells really nice though. Maybe better on thinner hair.
Couldn't make my mind up!
I absolutely loved this product; the smell, the texture, the way it made my hair feel, etc. However, I did find that it made my hair look and feel much greasier than usual after only a day! I can usually leave my hair a few days between washes, but I had to wash much more regularly or use dry shampoo with this product as it just made my hair so greasy,
smells great
this shampoo smelled really nice and was easy to apply and it left my hair feeling softer and shinier than usual.
Makes my hair so smooth
If you have straight hair thick hair, it is amazing. I keep on going back to using this product very often
This shampoo has made my hair so much healthier and grow so much faster since cutting it short!

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