4 5 0 28 28 Dreaming of beautiful long hair but struggling to achieve your dream lengths? Help rescue locks that feel damaged with our saviour hair mask. Enriched with a cocktail of Keratin, Vitamins and Castor Oil. The formula reinforces* the hair and helps leave it feeling nourished and looking shiny.
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Decent products
This product is just alright. Doesn't really do anything special to my hair. Just helps with detangling and leaves my hair with a really nice smell.
The best mask
This has become one of my favourite mask, very creamy and a little bit goes a long way .. leave it in your hair for 5 mins and I end up with soft, silky and manageable hair .. and the scent it leaves in my hair is just out of this world .. would highly recommend... hair feels bouncy and full.
Love This
I use this every time I wash my hair I use less than the stated amount and don't leave on as long. I have seen such an improvement in my length. 100% recommend.
Was ok
This was ok and had a nice smell .found its little bit sloppy and I’ve used better treatments
I’ve tried tones of different hair care products. I’m always willing to try any new hair care products on the market. For years my hair just wouldn’t grow then after taking some vitamins my hair grew really long (I no longer have to take these vitamins) so to keep my hair long,shiny and healthy I wanted a deep conditioning treatment. This product is AMAZING. I feel like I’ve received salon worthy treatment when I use this once/twice a week. I’ve had comments from friends & family on the condition and smell of my hair. This leaves my hair so manageable. I’d definitely recommend
Love it!
I really love this product! Having Afro hair it’s really difficult for me to find high street products which are suitable for my hair type but this range is great, affordable and smells divine. I leave the mask on for 5 mins and brush through on wet hair and when I rinse it is lovely and soft. I have also noticed that it is helping with length retention which has been my main hair goal
Love Love Love
Absolutely LOVE the scent of this product, it lasts all day and makes your hair silky soft.
Not impressed
Was excited when I brought this. Used this product for a while but didn’t notice any difference on my damaged hair, it has a nice smell and leaves hair smooth but wouldn’t buy it again.
You just can't beat this smell!
I have always found it quite hard to tell if a hair mask is actually doing anything more than just using a standard conditioner. Often it doesn't feel anything has changed. This though, for smell alone is amazing! I literally love this entire range and haven't tried anything else for a long time!
I have long fine hair, I used a small amount of this conditioner as in the past I have felt that sometimes it can be too heavy for my hair. I used approx 2 teaspoons and left it on for approx 5 mins maybe a little less. After rinsing a couple of times my hair felt and smelled glorious. I followed my usual hair routine of leaving to dry naturally and then straightening. My hair felt so soft and still smelled amazing, during my day at work, my hair began to look and feel lank, to the point that I had to get out the dry shampoo and rectify. This product is not for fine hair and if you suffer from slightly greasy hair anyway - AVOID!! Personally, I don't, I would hate to have seen what state my hair would have been that day! Would not recommend nor would I buy again. Sorry.
This honestly makes your hair feel so soft and shiny
The mask is very thick and makes your hair feel soft during application. Once it is washed off the the soft feeling doesn't remain. It does not soften my hair as much as i would like it too.
Left hair feeling soft
After using this my hair felt soft and smelt amazing, but don’t leave in too long as can make hair feel greasy
I use this product regularly with the Dream Lengths Shampoo. Leaves your hair feeling silky soft and tangle free with a lovely fragrance. A deep nourishing mask treatment for people for long hair.
I used it along with the shampoo and the leave-in treatment. My hair did feel sleeker and softer. But I cannot say it has helped me with preventing split ends..

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