3.9 5 0 19 19 Dreaming of beautiful long hair but struggling to achieve your dream lengths? Help rescue locks that feel damaged with our saviour hair mask. Enriched with a cocktail of Keratin, Vitamins and Castor Oil. The formula reinforces* the hair and helps leave it feeling nourished and looking shiny.
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I have long fine hair, I used a small amount of this conditioner as in the past I have felt that sometimes it can be too heavy for my hair. I used approx 2 teaspoons and left it on for approx 5 mins maybe a little less. After rinsing a couple of times my hair felt and smelled glorious. I followed my usual hair routine of leaving to dry naturally and then straightening. My hair felt so soft and still smelled amazing, during my day at work, my hair began to look and feel lank, to the point that I had to get out the dry shampoo and rectify. This product is not for fine hair and if you suffer from slightly greasy hair anyway - AVOID!! Personally, I don't, I would hate to have seen what state my hair would have been that day! Would not recommend nor would I buy again. Sorry.
This honestly makes your hair feel so soft and shiny
The mask is very thick and makes your hair feel soft during application. Once it is washed off the the soft feeling doesn't remain. It does not soften my hair as much as i would like it too.
Left hair feeling soft
After using this my hair felt soft and smelt amazing, but don’t leave in too long as can make hair feel greasy
I use this product regularly with the Dream Lengths Shampoo. Leaves your hair feeling silky soft and tangle free with a lovely fragrance. A deep nourishing mask treatment for people for long hair.
I used it along with the shampoo and the leave-in treatment. My hair did feel sleeker and softer. But I cannot say it has helped me with preventing split ends..
Smells amazing
Nourished hair and smells lovely. I used with the matching shampoo too.
Hair masks
This product when working with the conditioner and shampoo.. does create stronger hair follicles leading to less hair breakages.. and reduces the Look of split ends. I colour my hair quite regularly which was is a blessing. Only criticism of the product if you have long hair the product only last five washes as you need quite a big blob to coat your hair!
Nourishes your hair
Totally nourishing mask for your hair. I have long, thick and curly hair and it works wonders on my hair.
Great for mid to long hair
Been using this for a few weeks. Used once a week it really adds shine and volume. Would definitely recommend.
Super soft
I love elvive for my hair. I tried this as I have long naturally curly hair that's wiry dull & loves nothing more than to frizz. This although doesn't make my hair super shiny it does make it feel much softer and doesn't frizz quiet as much. you can feel the difference after just on use. I do use this with the shampoo from the same range.
Smooth hair
With condition of my hair this product has helped maintain my hair I have dry coloured hair. When I put it on my hair and time is up I wash it off I can feel the difference. I rely elvive products on my hair good for all type hair and they do products any type of hair.
Good but wouldn’t repurchase
The product smells so good don’t get me wrong, and it gives your hair a very soft feeling. But a couple hours after using my hair looked greasy and i applied only a small bit. Very sad because i really wanted it to work.
Worth it
Much better than the conditioner of this particular set. Really leaves my hair smooth and soft. I have less split ends when using this regularly. Definitely worth the price, when compared to the savings from less haircuts.
Nice texture and fragrance. Nice creamy consistency and easy to apply on hair. Leave her smooth and silky. But not really improved growing. Used it for over a month

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