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L'Oreal Elvive Triple Resist Men Shampoo
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Smells nice
My husband bought this shampoo for himself, he really likes it. It cleans his scalp and hair well, and has a long lasting smell even after 2 days of washing his hair. Its very good value
Does the job
My parner is using this shampoo all the time. No problems with it and it does the job.
This is a great product and also a fab idea. My husband and two sons were constantly using my shampoo which used to really annoy me as I was always left with empty bottles! As they are all into products they never wanted to use shower gel or men’s wash for their hair which is why they always used my shampoo. This product though offers them all the benefits of a good shampoo whilst smelling lovely and keeping there hair soft and shiny!
one of my favorites
Bought this shampoo and really siurprised how it is good for my hair. I have some dantruff, so was perfect for my scalp. No any dryness, inchy skin. Highly recomend for mens
You only need to use a small amount of this shampoo as when you rub it it the bubbles become rally thick
fantastic shampoo
I think that finally after long time I found the best shampoo for me hair which didn't look good in the past few years. L'Oreal Elvive Triple Resist Men Shampoo made my hair stronger,healthier and I don't loose hair anymore,smell nice too.
Nice shampoo
Does what it says . The husband likes this. His hair feel clean an smells nice
Works great!
I have used this product and still do use it! I have brought it from ASDA and it does wonders. My hair were thinning and sometimes breaking. Using this product has benefits my hair so much! It smells great too! the company stands its reputation!
Buy this for my husband
I buy this for my husband as he is thinning on top shall we say, it does seem to have helped with strengthening what he has left and it seems to have helped to thicken it. it also seems to make his hair grow quicker as I now seem to have to cut his hair more often than I used to, but that could just be a coincidence. He has commented that he likes it but that it is expensive so not sure if he will continue to use it or not.
For my son
Bought this product for my son as he's dandruff won't go away,tried it for first time and I can see a difference on my son he head appears much cleaner and less dandruff
Good shampoo
Good shampoo for shorter hair, can leave slighter longer hair slightly straw like. But is great with dandruff and sensitive scalp.
good shampoo
Good shampoo.My husband has a sensitive scalp and it is difficult to find shampoo for him.This shampoo suits him.Buy this shampoo than it is on offer
Great stuff
Other half used to use teagel, but the price was quite high. He gets terrible dandruff and this works a treat! Much cheaper for a bigger bottle and works just the same!
Noticeable improvement
I still have a good head of hair but it was looking and feeling a bit straw like. Decided to try this and it made a huge difference. The only down side is the snap closure on the bottle, it's very strong and tends to send soapy water straight towards your eyes.
It did the job but...
My husband tried this as it appealed to his love of 'oooh thats new' but to be honest he wasnt overly impressed, yes it did what it was supposed to and it smelt like you would expect a mans shampoo to smell, but he felt that for the price it really wasnt worth it as he said it did exactly what a cheaper shampoo does, and wasnt any better then them. Wont buy again as felt it was more gimmicky then anything else.

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