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L'Oreal Paris Botanicals Safflower Dry Hair Nourishing Shampoo
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This shampoo is good, my hair is perfectly washed but nothing more. Expensive for the result
Pleasantly surprised
I have been looking for a shampoo which is nourishing for my dry ends but doesn’t weigh down my roots and was amazed at the effectiveness of this product, it does just what I was looking for. All others I have found are a lot more expensive so I definitely will be purchasing this again in the future. Great quality product and a bargain price. 💖
this done nothing to my hair except make it smell nice for 30 mins. It didn't feel healthy after washing
Not worth the hype
I recieved a few sample sachets of this to try & was really looking forward to giving it a go, having an orritable scalp i thought the natural herbal element of this shampoo would be great for my hair & whilst it didnt irritate my scalp, it made my hair dry, wirey & matted & extremely unmanagable. Will not be buying again a hurry.
Salon quality shampoo!
I loved the free sample I received, it was amazing, the smell some how combined delicious and healthy in one olfactory hit! Then after how my hair felt after using, pretty incredible I have to say! I had to buy more! Luckily I tracked down a special offer and have more of the range too, particularly wonderful is the ointment. I only wash my hair once a week, so it’s going to last me longer than most, for that bit extra price I am getting a fabulous treat for my hair. Ex salon owner!
Not convinced
This didn’t suit my naturally curly hair. It smelled lovely but wasn’t very nourishing.
Soft and silky hair every time
This Botanicals fresh care shampoo is absolutely lovely with its richness and Safflower rich infusion for dry hair. It really does nourish and make your hair feel soft and silky. I also was impressed with the ingredients and the commitment that there are no silicones, parabens or colourants. A lovely product.
pricey but worth it
I tried this product on the back of a free sample, it took me sometime to find where to buy the real thing - it seems only in Boots. This shampoo comes in a pump pack making it very convenient, it doesn't foam overly which is good and you don't need to use much to make it work so also helps preserve the colour in your hair. Fragrance is also very nice which is so important in the experience
Smells beautiful
I love this shampoo, it smells amazing! It leaves your hair so smooth and shiny. The scent lasts all day.
I received a sample of this and loved it. Definitely made my hair smooth and soft just from one wash.
This shampoo left my frizzy thick hair feeling smoother and shinier.left my hair with an amazing scent,would recommend this for dry hair
I recieved a sample of this and am glad to say i didnt buy it. it didnt lather on 2 uses one after the other. my hair felt terrible and immediately had to be wahed off
It made my hair feel lovely and soft. Love the smell too.
I revived this to try from loreal, I was so happy to try it. I wasn't disappointed when I tried it, it left my hair feeling nice. I was very surprised as I have natural hair
the botanicle hair shampoo is one of my favourite shampoo it leaves hair refreshed,nourished and has a silky soft touch to it also it has a lovely fresh aroma, it is really good for dry hair it has lasted me quite a while now. i recommend this to everyone with dry hair

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