4.6 5 0 28 28 To tackle dull skin, this glow-boosting scrub with a refining texture produces a radiant complexion while polishing the skin. The hero ingredient, grapeseed oil, eliminates free radicals to reboost skin cells for visibly radiant skin.
L'Oreal Paris Smooth Sugar Glow Grapeseed Face And Lip Scrub
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smells nice!
I have tried this product with other scrubs and masks from this range and I can say I am very impressed. My skin was definitely glowing and its texture was much smoother. I am a big fan of sugar scrubs and this is a good one to try!
Worth to try it
I have a bit different this line L'Oréal face mask and totally changed my mind after tried it. Package looks lovely. My skin is combination so perfect it was. Also can be good on dull and tired, dry skin. 10/10
I used to use this more so in the shower as a body scrub rather than on my face and found it to be effective. It smells great and leaves your skin feeling extra soft.
I love this product 10/10, the reason being as I have lip fillers my lips get dry and need to stay hydrated and kept soft and this scrub does the trick. I would recommend and buy again.
I use this everyday in the winter to combat dry lips and then use a lip balm
Lovely smooth
Lovely product smells like it could be edible, I love products that make you want to eat them not only that but it fixed my dry lips and left them supple.
Fantastic face scub
I love this product when it's smells amazing and really sweet and scrubs and cleans the skin really well without any irrigation. However the product is supposed to warm up but I didn't notice this when I used it.
Nice scrub
Nice scrub gave a good exfoliating feeling.smelt nice my skin was smooth after.
I have used this product a few times love it because u can also use on lips leaves my face feeling fresh an soft also my lips
Smooth Scrub
Easy to use & lasts longer than you'd think! Always leaves my skin feeling amazing!
Easy and fun to use
I managed to buy this in Asda for £1.70 and thought I'd give it a try and honestly it's amazing! My face felt so smooth and fresh afterwards, it didn't feel scratchy like most face scrubs or contain aloe vera!!
Quick to use, cheap to buy. Skin feels great straight after use and better the next day when used a lot
Lovely face scrub
I received a sample of this new L'Oreal sugar glow face and lip scrub and was delighted with results. Lovely fragrance and a good consistency. Fun to apply too. My face felt so clean and fresh. Great product.
I have tried before quiet few face scrub and all I can say this is my favourite from now on. It leaves your skin soft and fresh.
Firstly i love using L'Oreal Paris products so when this new product came out hot off the shelves, i tried it out and i can tell you that i absolutely love it, it has thoroughly exfoliated my face leaving it smooth, refreshed and clean the same with my lips, i use this at least twice a week and i wont have dead skin cells on my face also do moisturize you don't want to leave your skin dry.Overall i do recommend this to everyone and also this is a very good lip scrub perfect before wearing lipstick.

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