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L'Oreal Stylista The Pixie Cream Short Hair Styling Wax
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Great product!
I think this is a great product - I had short hair and was always trying different pomades and hair cremes but found a lot of products would either feel too sticky on my hair, feel dirty or just not work - but this one does! It has the perfect consistency to add texture to hair without looking like you have a lot of product (if any) in your hair and tames fly away hairs too. I would also say while it is aimed at people with a pixie cut or short hair I still find it useful on my longer hair (its not quite a bob but you get the idea) - it tames down hairs that stick up and doesn't look clumpy or sticky. I would definitely recommend and I have bought several pots since I first purchased it!
It's ok
I have bleached hair and so quite porous. Worked well for about an hour then seemed to disappear, probably absorbed into my hair. Lovely scent and smooth cream. Would buy again but probably works better on non bleached hair
A little goes a long way
I tried this after going from long to short hair and found only a tiny amount was needed to taim my unruly wavy & frizzy mane. It wasn't too sticky and dried very quickly with a flexable finish which I could brush through later in the day without ruining the look. Very pleased with the result.
Love it
Love this product one of my favourites ever tried, hair stayed in one place all day! Would recommend definitely
Used for my daughter, works on her frispy bits lovely as she has curly hair so works really well, worth the money
I have always wanted to try this but it's very hard to find but I have heard really gd reports about it hopefully one day I'll get it lol
From all the great reviews im going to try this product
Whish I had seen and used this on my recent pixie cut .now I am growing it out .looks great product
My children and grandkids would use this product given half the chance but then I would like to try it
I have very fine short curly hair it is very wild, I have been unwell since 2010 and spent alot of time in hospital each year at least half is spent in hospital. What with neglecting my hair in terms of having it washed in bed by someone else plus malnutrition it was falling out so much. In 2017 after coming out of hospital I decided the hair on my head was in need of attention. The hairdressers suggested a pixie crop. Well the strangest thing happened my hair went curly after having it cut!!! Before this my hair was straight and really hard to curl. Now I have a head of unruly curls that need taking would love to try L'Oreal putty
I have thick, naturally curly hair and I am always looking for a good product to tame it. This looks good and I would love to try it.
I have thick, naturally curly hair and I am always looking for a good product to tame it. This looks good and I would love to try it.
I haven't tried but it looks amazing. Would definitely love to try this product.
Not used this or herd of it but would love to test this , any samples going plz ,
Haven't tried this but very interested for both me and my daughter. Never saw this in stores

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