4.4 5 0 8 8 "My sauces use the right combination of carefully chosen ingredients to make sure that you always get vibrant flavour." Chilli rating - 1, Just add chicken, No artificial colours or preservatives, Suitable for vegetarians
Loyd Grossman Sweet Honey and Kashmiri Chilli Butter Chicken
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Great Taste
These used to be the only Curry Sauce we would buy, but for some reason it has disappeared from every store near me. So had to find another. It had great taste and just enough sauce to enjoy but not drown the rice. We used it with Prawns or Turkey Mince, so it was a quick meal but never lacking in flavour.
chilli butter chicken not bad had better in restaurant but this is fine for a quick meal at home.....
Very nice indeed, not to hot so you could taste the food. Very easy to use, just and cooked chicken
Fantastic sauce..clean, sublet tones and not overpowering
I really enjoyed this sauce- not oily as some jars can be. Really nice taste and texture too!
Great flavours great texture, only downside is not enough in the packet so i use 2. highly recommend
Absolutely gorgeous. Lot better than some of the jars of curry that don't really taste like what they are supposd to be. Also quite an unusual choice not the run of the mill tikka or korma.
Pleasantly surprised with this sauce. Very tasty, simple to use & even my 4yr old called it "yummy"!
It sounds delish if I see it in store I will be buying this product.
even the name if this makes me hungry. I cant wait to try this its right up my street
Sounds like a great idea for an easy dinner after work
Not tried this one yet.love his stuff and always looking to try new things.
I havent tried the product but would love to give it a try.
had lots of loyd grossman products not been dissapointed so far so would love to try this one.
I would love to try this product as it looks great and would tell all my family and friends about it

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