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Nice smell + its smooth
I liked the after smell and the foam is great but it leaves you with a few cuts not sure why. Yes, normally i don't get cuts from shaving. but overall good. I wouldn't buy it though.
Not as good as the copper version but still nice
Why is this only targeted at men? Maybe I just like more masculine scents but I feel your missing a trick not targeting this at women also. I poached this off of my other half and its now a firm fave in our household as a shower and shaving product now as we both use it. Tit smells nice but not quite as nice as the copper version. It leaves you skin soft with out being overly harsh like some other Lynx products
Great buy
Bought this for my partner he asked me to buy him some more. He loves the fragrance and it lathers up really well.
smells lush
the smell is very very strong and very nice at the same time it smells lush would recommend to anyone to buy this
Lynx shower and shave foam
My husband and boys love this product. Smells great, foams well. They would prefer a bigger size.... def would by again.... great stocking filler !
I liked it
It was fab and ad buy agaim. Xxxxxx. For christmas
My husband used this regulars, to shave and shower with. He loves it very much. It lathers very well and smells fantastic.
Needs to be thicker
As someone else has mentioned this is far, far too watery. Given the 'gold' label I was expecting thick, luxurious quality. You don't get it. It has a nice enough smell, but given it's a) a small can and b) so thin and lacking body, I can see myself using this up in a week! Because it's so watery most of it simply washes off whilst you're showering/shaving - so you have to use twice the amount! Won't be buying again.
Great smell
As usual with lynx products they have a great smell. I used it for shaving and love the idea of having a lynx smell after shaving as opposed to regular shave foam ''smell''.
Long lasting fresh smell
I only used this as a shower foam! It smells great, a really long lasting fresh smell! It left me feeling really clean, I will try it as a shave foam as I do think it will be good!
I bought this shower foam from Poundland for my partner, he said that he loved the smell and that it made him feel really clean afterwards, however, he said it was so watery and didn’t stick well.
I think this product will be good as a shower foam and shave foam. I love the smell of Lynx anyway.

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