4.2 5 0 26 26 Maggi Italian Herbs Seasoned Cooking Papers for Tender Chicken have been relaunched with a new brand name, previously known under the Maggi So Tender brand, and repackaged in an updated 23g pack featuring a recipe suggestion. Described as vibrant and flavoursome, this product contains basil, tomato and oregano, and is free from hydrogenated vegetable oil and artificial colours.
Maggi Italian Herbs Seasoned Cooking Papers for Tender Chicken
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Not my favourite from their range but hits the spot
It's not my favourite from their range however it still makes a deliciously flavourful and moist chicken breast. I love these sheets, always reaching for them on the weekly shop.
Nice flavour
Perfect option for quick meals, when you opened packages you can smell all herbs and spices. Easy to prepare. You can prepare without oil which is great!!
Don't waste your money
Once the pack is open the unused ones will dry out quite quick so be warned. The flavour you would expect in the blend is tasteless and the concept of it poor. The paper the flavour is stuck to gets burnt quickly.
I love it, thanks to which I can easily and quickly make dinner, the meat is delicious, aromatic and juicy as I like, the pan is clean so there is not much cleaning after use I definitely recommend
Easy to use
I thought the taste was great and it was so easy to use. Didn't make a mess of the pan either!
Good flavour
This a good product as it has all you need in one all you have to add is meat or vegetables which we have tried and tested. Only down side sometimes the bag will pop and other times we have struggled to get it open. But over all we like it and use it on a regular basis
Great alternative to frying with oil
I was surprised how well this product worked. Normally you'd need oil or cooking spray in a frying pan, but these innovative little papers offer flavour without the added fat, so perfect for those looking to trim their fat intake
Great flavour, easy to use in the oven!
I love the Maggi range of products, and enjoy the flavour of the Italian Herbs product. I must admit, when I first tried this I didn't use this in the suggested way, and actually sat the chicken inside the paper on a baking tray and cooked in the oven. I found I got great flavour and perfectly evenly cooked chicken therefore I have continued to use the product this way. I have bought these may times as well as other products from the range and always cooked this way. Very easy to use!
Not easy to use, does not change the flavour.
I´ve used it once or twice. Will not do it again. The chicken did not have any flavour. Imagine eating chicken that tastes like chicken. I mean, i was all ready for a flavoursome adventure and boom! reality check.
When I saw that first time I was exited to used as I am not expert in a kitchen😂 Idea is great but all the spices gets burnt and they mostly stick to the paper instead of chicken breast. As I’ve said I am not perfect kitchen chef so maybe I’ve done something wrong but didn’t get well with it.
Great for a flavoured chicken breast
I gave these a try a couple of months ago and they have turned into a family favourite. The herbed papers are so easy to use. I generally buy a medium sized chicken and jut it into pieces (legs, wings & breasts) The four papers are just the right size to coat the pieces. Not only does the flavoured paper impart a delicious herby flavour it also helps to keep the chicken lovely and moist. I have also tried the Garlic & Herb variety with great success too. By the way I have also used these on Pork loin chops & they were fab!

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