4.8 5 0 6 6 Maggi Mexican Seasoning & Cooking Bag for Juicy Chicken has been relaunched with a new brand name, previously known under the Maggi So Juicy brand, and repackaged in an updated 40g pack featuring a recipe suggestion. Described as sweet and spicy, this seasoning mix for Mexican chicken contains red pepper, oregano and cumin, and is free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.
Maggi Mexican Seasoning & Cooking Bag for Juicy Chicken
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Great convinience
I love the fact that is cooked inside the bag, all juice and moist are locked in. Meat comes out tender and gravy doesn't dry out . Only scary thing is when the bag balloon up but it did not pop, haha!
SO easy to make
I love the Maggi cook in bad meals, they make dinners so quick and easy to make when you don't have the time to stand around cooking meals. You just put all the ingredients in the bag and leave it to cook in the oven. This one is full of flavour and the chicken come out juicy and soft. Delicious.
Love these
My fussy children have started eating flavoured chicken since I've started using these bags. Its been a great inexpensive way for them to try different seasoning. These bags are so easy to use they are often found in my trolley at my weekly shop.
Easy and tasty
This is so easy to cook, just put the chicken in a bag with the mix and throw it all in the oven. It cooks really well with very little mess and also looks like you’ve gone to loads of effort when you serve it. Highly recommended.
this so easy to prepare and and very taste and very simple steps to follow
Really like that seasoning, my husband loves that rich flavour, exept making the dish with recipe from package in that foil bag I also very often add it to other homemade dishes as it tastes great with chicken, for example: chicken with rice and veg fried on pan or pasta with chicken and cheese. Of course the way suggested at the package is also amazing, so easy to make and chicken is very juicy and tasty yuuumm

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