4.6 5 0 53 53 The unique Magnum experience now in a crackable tub. Rich chocolate shards swirled in velvety ice cream. All wrapped in a cracking chocolate shell that was made to be broken.
Magnum Classic Tub
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A little disappointing but delicious
So when I bought this I was expecting there to be some bits of chocolate throughout the ice cream sadly that was not the case it was just a chocolate cup with ice cream filled with a chocolate lid that you have to crack through I’m hoping that that was just the one I tried because it would really make sense but chocolate throughout the ice cream itself that would make it absolutely amazing that’s hence why I’ve given only four stars because I was slightly disappointed as I wanted to indulge
Love it
I love magnum ice creams. Especially this one ! All my kids enjoyed it too.
Love this ice cream
I am chocolate lover, so this ice-cream was perfect match for me. Package is nice and attractive, so I bought it and it gones very quickly. Not even put in a freezer. Taste was like real chocolate. Love it and of course will buy it again. Highly recommend it
Luxury icecream
I love the idea of cracking the chocolate! The icecream is creamy and the chocolate is nice. My only negative is that after a while gets a bit boring! I think some caramel or chocolate sauce would just complete it!
Magnum magic in a tub!
Ohh man this tastes so good. Yummy velvety vanilla ice cream with chcoalte bits throughout incased in a chocolate shell top. Andi have to be completely honest, cracking the chocolate shell on top is so much fun. This doesnt dissapoint on flavour or presentation. Its so scrumdiddlyumptious.
This tastes exactly like a Magnum on a stick! Smooth vanilla ice-cream with that lovely Magnum chocolate topping! If it had chunks of the same chocolate in it, it would be perfect but even so, it's a nice and simple - and luxurious! - treat!
best ice creams
this is the most amazing product ever,everybody loves it,eat it and enjoy it.This taste is amazing ,it taking me back to my childhood and taste wow ,best chocolate and amazing taste of lovely ice cream.
Love it
Me and my partner love this ice cream. It's very nice
Not bad
It's nice don't get me wrong but I find the white nicer. The chocolate doesn't remind me Of The magnum lollies.
My husband loves these
Buy for my husband as he loves ice cream, got a bit of a twist with the chocolate shell. Only buy when on special as a bit pricey
heaven in a tub
I absolutely love this ice cream, I can easily sit down and eat the whole tub in one go and have done often, the ice cream is tasty and smooth but the chocolate is absolutely gorgeous and really makes this the best available. I stock up on these regularly.
Another delicious one
The magnum ice cream pots are delicious! I don’t often like actual chocolate combined with ice cream but this one is spot on. Only looses a star because it cannot compete with the caramel magnum edition!
A Chocoholics Dream
This ice-cream is absolutely fantastic. Love the flavour and creamy taste of the ice-cream with the hard chocolate. but make sure you follow the instructions on how to crack the chocolate. I found it to thick for me and the tub was too small. would like more of the ice-cream than chocolate. Farmfoods has great deals on it
Magnum ice cream is a favourite in our house and as usual the magnum ice cream tub went down a treat. The kids enjoy squeezing the tub to crack the rich thick chocolate to get to the ice cream then more importantly they enjoy eating the Ice cream and chocolate.
Amazing product & taste
This is an unusual product, as it's a Magnum ice cream in a tub, which has a hard thick chocolate shell which you break either with a spoon, or by using the 'push' style buttons on the product's outer plastic tub. Once you get through the thick, creamy chocolate, you'll find gorgeous, Magnum ice cream. This is a fun & tasty way to enjoy this classic ice cream.

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