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Magnum Cookie Crumble Ice Cream
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Tried these ice creams and they where lovely beautiful flavour and texture the whole family enjoyed them I would buy again and look forward to trying more flavours they where just the right size
Game changer
These Magnums are seriously good. So indulgent and full of sins! I love them! Everything is ok in moderation. So chocolatey and the cookie is lovely and crumbly and hasn't gone all soft because of the ice cream so you get a tasty little crunch too. Who doesn't love a Magnum.
ice ice babe, that should be call this ice creams! Amazing flavour.
Oh yes nothing better than a magnum I ent fussed on what flavour it is
I love magnum ice creams and these do not disappoint thick chocolate with cookie crumble divine
It was amazing, distinctive cookies taste that is AMAZING.
I love this brand Magnum. As I am writing about it, I can not control water in my mouth. So yummy. Want to try this new product from my favourite brand. My three years old like it a lot tooo.
If it's anything like the others, it will be a great tasting product. Kids favourite dessert! Haven't seen this in the shops so far but will definitely try whenI see it.
Cant beat a MAGNUM !! utterly scrumptious. various flavours available simply must taste this new edition.mouths watering already.
I love Magnums but this is a new one to me. I would love to try it.
Can not wait till I see this product in my local Iceland looks yummy
if this is anything like other magnums I guess it is wonderful but would still like to try it for myself
i have not try this one yet, but would love to try it. it looks very nice i have never tested anything before so it would be nice if this could happen. i hope this year is a good year for me.i have try all the other magnums and love them all.
Love Magnums but haven't tried this one yet. Looks jimmy just like the rest of their flavours.
Chocolate, ice cream and cookies. What's not to love. My three favourite food groups

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