4.8 5 0 149 149 Velvety dairy ice cream with cracking chocolate shards and a rich salted caramel sauce, encased in a thick Magnum chocolate shell
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Great taste!
I love magnum minis and saw this one day, I decided to try something new from the brand. This is so tasty! I love the mix of chocolate and vanilla and salted caramel so much! I would recommend this definitely
I love Magnum ICE creams. And salted caramel it nice.
This product is delicious. There is a great chunk of chocolate on the top, and the caramel ice cream underneath is very smooth too.
OMG its delicious
Delicious and couldn’t stop eating it! Loved the chocolate top and breaking through to the yummy icecream...repeat purchase definitely
A velvety delightful Ice cream. Becuase it is rich amd flavoursome you only need a very small scoop to satisfy the need for a treat!
Icecream Heaven
I purchased this not knowing how good it would taste. Oh my what an amazing new icecream tub I've stumbled across. From cracking open the chocolate to the gooey caramel goodness in the middle I was in ice cream heaven.
Magnum icecream
This was the best icecream I have even eaten if I had been alone I would have eaten it all Thick chocolate and mouthwatering icecream
This is so delicious and very addictive the only downside is I end up eating it all. Definitely good that it’s in a smaller tub
Wonderful taste and fun to break the chocolate!
I loved the fun choclate-breaking aspect. The taste was amazing and I was very impressed with the amount of chocolate flakes hidden in the ice cream. I would have loved to have more actual caramel spread throughout the tub, but would definitely buy again!
A secret indulgence
A new and exciting by product of the Magnum brand. The chocolate is thick and when it cracks and combines with the salted caramel and smooth vanilla ice cream, it is a combination to die for.
What couldn't you like about this! Was lovely very chocolatey and perfect caramel to top it off. The only thing I don't like is my waistline will be twice the size after eating this haha
Lovely but....
Love Magnum, the crack of the chocolate etc... They’ve almost got it here. The chocolate on the top and surrounding the ice cream needs to be a little bit less thick and possibly a tad less sugary so that you can enjoy the signature Magnum ice cream taste more.
Magnum salted caramel 2 layer
This was gorgeous, however once you have gotten through the layer of salted caramel which BTW is gorgeous, the ice cream then gets quite bland, its also fairly expensive depending on your perspective and the tub is small, you could share with maximun 4 people in my opinion and you wouldn't get much each.
Well it’s ice cream
It’s ice cream.....what’s not too love,unusual hard top,but lovely
Magnum Tub Double Salted Caramel Ice Cream 440ml
Wow what can I say other than delish delish delish -I thought I had died and gone to heaven! I prefer eating the ice cream out of a tub . My favourite bit was breaking the gorgeous chocolate and getting to the ice cream which was my favourite.It is easier to eat this way as you can take as much or as little as you like and pop the rest back in the freezer

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