4.9 5 0 75 75 Why should those who have a vegan diet miss out on the pleasure of Magnum? The new Magnum Vegan Almond ice cream – a velvety vegan ice cream, dipped in real chocolate and crunchy almond pieces. The delicious and velvety plant based ice cream has a balanced flavour and provides the indulgence of an almond Magnum, but without the dairy ingredients.
Magnum Vegan Almond Ice Cream 270Ml
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Delicious, Wouldn't Notice They're Vegan
I bought these for a visit from my little bro who's vegan and promptly forgot. I had a sweet tooth craving a couple of weeks after and there they were in the freezer. I'm ashamed to say I ate the whole box myself in a single evening. The chocolate is delicious, the ice cream is so luxuriously creamy and the nuts give them that slightly chewy/crunchy texture that makes luxurious ice creams so satisfying. I can't recommend them enough. Pricy but dairy free and gluten free, so great as a treat!
I am not vegan but I wanted to try it for a change, it's just like regular Magnum, same taste and flavour, very creamy and chocolaty from outside. It doesn't taste like you're eating plant-based ice cream. The brands should make more vegan options like this. Loved it
OMG it’s amazing
These are absolutely delicious, I have a plant based diet much the same as a vegan and love these, hubby has meat and diary and said he prefers these to the diary ones, they are a regular on our shopping now. Very nice treat!
These are delicious! The crunchy almond chocolate shell is lovely and the ice cream is nice and creamy. I buy them every time they’re on offer!
They are delicious, rich in cream and the chocolate almond crust simply complements them. Really tasty
I have spent 15 years being lactose intolerant! And these are literally the best things I have ever tasted
I have tried these so many times and it can be expensive sometimes but I always wait till its on offer as I love my bargains :P
These taste amazing!! Another amazing dairy alternative.. being vegan is so easy these days! If you shop about you can pick these up at a good price too.
Now I dont miss out on pudding!
I've been dairy intolerant for years and the dairy free chocolate alternatives usually taste really cheap. This is just as good as the original magnum and tastes great! It is quite expensive to buy but it's a real treat when we get them!
Nice vegan alternative to dairy magnum
Overall the chocolate was the best bit on it, the ice cream was ok slight after taste you could tell it was soya based. Good alternative though
Too much sugar
The taste is good, but too much sugar. When is less sugar feels cooler.
Magnum Vegan Almond
These are delicious! The texture of the ice cream is smooth and creamy, the chocolate gives a satisfying crack when you bite into it, just the right thickness. Nobody would know they are non dairy- definitely buying again.
This product is a little bit of heaven so many times with non diary products you feel like you are missing out not with this. We have our freezer well stocked with these now a new family favourite
Better than the dairy version
I've always thought that dairy free vegan ice cream tasted better than Dairy and this is a great example of that statement. These are delicious, rich creamy and the chocolate almond shell just tops it off. Really tasty and worth treating yourself for a little indulgence!
Lovely Product
As a vegan myself I absolutely love this Ice Cream. The Ice cream itself has a silky smooth vanilla flavour and it's a filling product. The Chocolate almond on the outside tastes so good and melts perfectly in the mouth.

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