4.9 5 0 27 27 Why should those who have a vegan diet miss out on the pleasure of Magnum? The new Magnum Vegan Almond ice cream – a velvety vegan ice cream, dipped in real chocolate and crunchy almond pieces. The delicious and velvety plant based ice cream has a balanced flavour and provides the indulgence of an almond Magnum, but without the dairy ingredients.
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Would not know its vegan
If you are trying to cut down on your dairy intake this is a great product to try. It does not have the oaty taste that some soya products have. Would recommend trying it. They do come at a premium though.
Yum and Vegan but...
This is a great tasting ice cream. Magnum excel themselves again. The only snag I would have to say is it is advertised as vegan but in the packet it says it may contain milk traces, so it is not entirely vegan.
Great vegan alternative to the classic magnum
My sister is vegan and introduced me to these magnums They are just aa rich and luxurious as the classic dairy ones but have a bonus of being vegan so everyone can have them in our house. They are a decent size and get your chocolate fix sorted haha
I tried this at my aunties house the other day as they are vegans. They tasted nice but didn't really notice any difference between the normal and vegan ones. I would recommend these
So so tasty!
Yes! They sure hit the nail on the head with these! Beautiful in flavour and vegan friendly too!
I love these, tastes just like ice cream and so creamy. Lots of nuts, but them a lot. Just wish they sold them on ice cream vans
Tastes really good,lots of nuts.Evryone in my household loves these. Will definitely buy again.
Taste is incredible texture perfect... Almonds are everywhere
Good but not my choice
It's nice but not the best I can't describe which part I did not like because I,m not sure myself😄 but my other family members like it
All of my family enjoyed this ice cream. I've cream is really creamy.
Taste good
These ice reams are so nice and velvety. A big hit here at home.
The best ice cream iv tried in a very long time 😛
Very tasty
Very tasty, I started off being a bit sceptical about vegan ice cream and then I tasted this and was very impressed as you do realise it’s not got dairy in it. I recommend everybody to try this who has not had vegan ice cream before.
Vegan dream
Like magnum only better and of course vegan! The ice cream is creamy yet lighter than usual magnum and the chocolate is rich and delicious. I find I don't get the same energy slump after eating these
Omg lovely taste
These choc lollies were amazing. Cream cool mint chocolate ice cream and chocolate minty outside . I had to hide them after the first one my treat. Can't believe they were vegan

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