4.9 5 0 55 55 Why should those who have a vegan diet miss out on the pleasure of Magnum? The new Magnum Vegan Almond ice cream – a velvety vegan ice cream, dipped in real chocolate and crunchy almond pieces. The delicious and velvety plant based ice cream has a balanced flavour and provides the indulgence of an almond Magnum, but without the dairy ingredients.
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was very dubious when i came across this product as with most vegan icecreams they can be hit and miss, but the clerk behind the counter assured me this is better than the OG!.. and he was right!! sooo good and creamy!! cannot fault this product!! its a must have for those hot days!
These taste just like the original magnums having recently began to eat more vegan friendly these were a great purchase I don’t really like the taste of soya so these were a real bonus to find and very tasty I am now purchasing on a regular basis when I fancy a chocolate treat.
healthy and delicious
i was really pleased to find this ice cream, soft taste, not too sweet, would purchase again for sure
Tasted exactly like a normal magnum! Would defo buy this again!
Absolutely love these - Taste the same as normal Magnums which is great, wouldn't know they are vegan at all! Great evening treat
I was intrigued as to what a vegan ice cream would taste like, and I wasn’t disappointed. If you’d blindfolded me and given me both a vegan and non-vegan almond magnum to try, I wouldn’t have been able to taste the difference. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending this product.
Absolutely delicious but it's a Unilever product sadly.
I love this ice cream! Always been a fan of Magnums and Cornetta. I got 2 boxes and my husband and I enjoyed them every evening, the are like the real deal. So yummie and just enough chocolate to not overpower the vanilla! It is owned by Unilever, which is so sad, as Unilever isn't vegan. So I cannot buy it again.
Wouldn't know they are vegan!
In my quest to be dairy free as much as possible I tried these, not holding out much hope in all honesty. How wrong I was, they are delicious and taste exactly like the non vegan version. Hurrah for Magnum!
Love them Nice to have different vegan alternatives Hope they come out with different flavours
It tastes delicious!
I have not tried Magnum as a tester as I am new to the site. However I have tried it in general and it is absolutely delicious. The outer layer Crunchy and smooth due to the chocolate whilst creamy due to the ice cream. It does the job! Especially when its suitable for vegans/vegetarians! Its so hard being a vegetarian sometimes and not finding your favourite ice cream as suitable for vegetarians. Keep up the good work.
Love it
Another delicious taste of Magnun Icecream. A lot of almonds... Mniami
I have been dairy free for a number of years now and was previously a big ice cream eater, and missed it more than anything. I have found alot of vegan ice creams to have an overwhelming but or coconut taste or odd texture or been too sweet but these are absolutely delicious. It's difficult to tell that they are not a standard magnum if you could tell at all. Fully fully recommend.
proper treat
i cant believe how without milk this tasted so creamy and it made me feel as though i was getting a proper treat
These are so good, you would actually not know there are vegan if you hadn't got them out of the box yourself. They taste so good, both the chocolate coating and the icecream are both equally as good. Only downside for me is that they aren't on offer more ;-)
Just lush!
WOW! WOW!! WOW!!! These are just amazing. I've been vegan for over 3 years and this is the closest to dairy that I have tasted.

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