Magnum White Chocolate & Cookies Ice Cream

4.7 5 0 167 167 The most playful of Magnum pleasures. Velvety panna ice cream with cookie sauce swirl dipped in Magnum cracking white chocolate with cookie pieces. For the ultimate indulgence. Magnum white chocolate & cookies ice cream also available in Magnum Tub and Magnum Mini format. Our philosophy: Since 1989, Pleasure Seekers around the world have been discovering Magnum. Thick Chocolate. Velvety ice cream. The perfect balance. Magnum never stopped working, adding new flavours. New textures. We love film, we love fashion. We believe a day without pleasure is a day lost. So make time to indulge in a little glamour. Our chocolate: We’re working closely with the Rainforest Alliance to make sure all our cocoa beans are responsibly sourced. Our cocoa beans have a long way to go before they become Magnum chocolate. It’s about quality and sustainability throughout every step of the journey. Magnum also has a wide range of ice creams: Magnum Classic, Magnum White Chocolate, Magnum Double Chocolate, Magnum Double Caramel, Magnum Mini Classic, Almond & White and many others. Which one will satisfy your indulgence?
Magnum White Chocolate & Cookies Ice Cream


Lush and creamy texture
A lushy and creamy treat, if you love your white chocolate like I do, you will really enjoy this ice cream.
My favourite
I love magnums I love all the flavours and different chocolate ice creams but this one really is amazing I love it I eat it as. Snack most of the time and the tub is a Great way if you want to eat some and you can have some Later on .
Much better than the chocolate one which was to plain. Nice crispy chocolate layer to crack through with loads of that beautiful cookie ice cream! I just wish their was more chocolate in
Yummy goodness
Abusloutle amazing though a tad sweet but really good and melts on your tongue
Favourite ice cream
My favourite ice cream ever :D and comfortable plastic box
It's okay...
Not bad if you need ice cream on a hot day, but not the best flavour from this brand. It is creamy but quite bland and the cookie bits are far too sweet against the bland creaminess of the ice cream. It's not as indulgent as most of the flavours in this range, but the kids like it.
There is NOTHING not to like about this ice cream! Just try it ! No excuses!
It’s a lovely ice cream . I enjoyed it with crunch of cookie and smooth as chocolate. Should definitely try this .
I love Magnum ice creams! This one is a pure perfection! 💕 The top layer of chocolate to start the tube is one of the best thing, just love it! Will definitely keep it on my shopping list :D
Velvety ice cream with cookie sauce dipped in Magnum white cracker chocolate with pieces of cookies. For complete enjoyment. Thick chocolate. Velvety ice cream. Perfect balance. I believe that a day without pleasure is a day wasted, so I give myself this pleasure by eating MAGNUM.
I love it
Basically everything what have a white chocolate it is on my top list 😂😂 and white chocolate with cookies? Could be better? I don't think so. Perfect snack. Perfect dessert after lunch.
Really delicious flavour combinations. This feels like a really special ice cream. I really liked it.
Ok not a huge ice cream fan but I had a craving and boy wasbi glad I tried this. Lovely thick layer of chocolate on top. Sweet ice cream but not too sickly. Cookie ice cream with shards of white chocolate throughout.Pot demolished by me and boyfriend in a few minutes. Will definitely buy again.
It's ok
The quality of this ice cream is great, it is rich and creamy. However, I was not impressed with this flavour. I found it slightly flat and too sweet. It is a shame they don't do their champagne flavour any more.
Nice and tasty ice cream. Great quality and family enjoys it

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