4.3 5 0 285 285 Maltesers, everyone’s favourite chocolate-covered malted ball, is now available in biscuit form! Snap ''em crunch 'em love 'em.
Maltesers Biscuits
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Lovely product
This biscuit really tastes malteasery. Great texture, and nice thick chocolate. Small pack sizes though, would need to buy 2 packs to feed my bunch. Over all a good option to get that chocolate fix
Me and my sister love it! Every time he comes to visit he buys this ton !!
Great biscuit
My whole family really enjoy these .the biscuit is very malty and crunchy I can see how they are trying to make it very similar to a Maltesers but in biscuit consistecy. I've purchased a few times already
A little disappointed
Love the original maltesers however these were bland and didnt have the malteser taste. Even though they had a great crunch I wouldn't have known they were maltesers if it wasn't for the packaging.
I bought these hoping they would be as good as original malteasers or teasers bars but I was rather disappointed with what I can only describe as a rather boring chocolate covered biscuit.
Love original maltesers, but didn't think these tasted the same or had the same consistency on the inside, would probably buy again if on offer as OK as a choc biscuit just wouldn't know they were maltesers if it wasn't for the wrapper
Not as good as the original
When I first saw these on the shelves I had to buy them as I love regular Maltesers. The biscuits are quite small, so good with a cup of tea but I did find the biscuit/chocolate ratio not quite right and so they felt dry to eat. The biscuit itself was much firmer than in original maltesers and doesn’t have the same malty flavour. Overall, these are ok, good dunked into a cuppa but I probably wouldn’t choose these again.
Mhmmm our family love maltesers. Crunchy milk chocolate. Absolutely amazing, so sweet, delicious. I would recomended my friends
Buscuity, chocolate goodness. Everything that you want from a Malteser, but in a bar! What more do you nee?
So crunchy
I absolutely love maltesers so I was excited to try this and I wasn’t disappointed, it’s so crunchy and tastes lovely
A little disappointed
I love malteasers so was looking forward to trying these. Was a little disappointed as I don’t think they taste much like a malteaser. The kids thought they were ok but probably wouldn’t purchase again.
I absolutely love this product! Also though it smells, it tasted amazing. I mainly like the fact it melted in my mouth. However, I personally feel it should have more flavour. I really recommend this!
not suitable for little children
i bought these with the kids in mind and when i got them home they were excited to try them, my little boy is 5 and thought they were a little bit hard as he was expecting more of a biscuit texture but its not like the honeycomb in a crunchie bar, these are hard to bite and chew and therefore not great for little kids, the biscuit also doesn't melt so cannot be sucked in order to eat!
Crunchy and creamy
I think we all love Maltesers. Well I definitely do. This new biscuit., I think it's great. It's really crunchy, creamy and its definitely got the Wow factor from me.I would definitely recommend this to everybody.
So yummy
These are too good to share so are now in my secret stash! Just the right blend of malty biscuit and yummy chocolate.

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