4.3 5 0 319 319 Maltesers, everyone’s favourite chocolate-covered malted ball, is now available in biscuit form! Snap ''em crunch 'em love 'em.
Maltesers Biscuits
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Who ate them all?
I came across these biscuits at my local superstore and as a big Maltesers fan I didn't have to think twice about adding them to my trolly. I was not disappointed at all. These biscuits are lovely! My only complaint is that they didn't last too long in my house ;0)
Gone within minutes
Bought these and opened the packet a little gutted as I thought that they would be bigger.. then I tried one! These are delicious, I would say there’s not too much similar between an actual malteaser and these biscuits but they are still amazing
Not the same as a normal maltesar
I liked these as a biscuit and they taste nice, however they don’t taste like an actual maltesar so I was a bit disappointed.
These are so delicious. I love maltesers and recently tried out the biscuit version which was yum. The packet was finished within minutes. Will definitely purchase again
It's a simple biscuit
To be honest, I got disappointed by this biscuit. I LOVE Maltesers, however, this product doesn't taste anything like the melting in mouth chocolates. I mean, it is OK overall (as a biscuit), however, it does not live up to the name it's supposed to stand for.
Yummy chocolate in biscuit form what more can you ask for with a nice cuppa tea. The chocolate is divine and they are very moreish. A bit hit with my son and me.
Nothing like malteaser !! Was just a dried up biscuit with some chocolate on top.
Not my go too snack, however, they are tasty and perfect for movie nights. these are basically big malteser, smooth chocolate coating that melts in your mouth. the inside is crunchy and very tasty
Just a normal biscuit
There are tasty but are just a normal biscuit. To me there was nothing malteaser about them, I think nothing compares to the original.
Lovely tasty biscuits but I did expect them to be bigger!
Nothing compares to balls
Although this is nice its slightly sickly if u eat too much and the bar is definatly to much for one perfect for sharing where a bag of malterers is just enough for me
Tasty & different
Very tasty! they are quite small and only come in packs of 3 so i do feel that they aren't very price competitive against other biscuits but a nice biscuit.
Great tasting chocolate, be careful you might end up finishing the whole bar like I did. Its crunchy in the middle and soft chocolate on the outside.
Can’t just eat 1
These are wonderful. Nice with a brew. Not too many in a pack to overindulged.
Not malteasers
Nothing bad about them at all quite nice actually but I think malteasers are better and my personal choice

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