4.3 5 0 364 364 Maltesers, everyone’s favourite chocolate-covered malted ball, is now available in biscuit form! Snap ''em crunch 'em love 'em.
Maltesers Biscuits
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Not as good as the real thing
I was so excited to try these as a massive malteser fan - Slightly disappointed when I did. They aren't that great, I didn't get the same melting felling of eating a malteser.
Absolutely love these biscuits. Maltesars aren't my go to usually but these are my favourite things to have with a cuppa. Also not too chocolatey so they dont get sickly which isn't great for the figure haha.
Surprise product
I was a bit dubious when I purchased this line,but as it was such a departure from maltesers sweets I thought I’d give it a go. I was not keen on the fussy package but the shape of the biscuit is good and the taste didn’t let me down.the yummy malteser after taste was replicated
horrible. taste is weird. its like a rock with an odd flavour
Given how good Maltesers are thought what’s not to like about these, unfortunately found them quite tasteless and don’t taste like maltesers sorry but won’t be purchasing again. Not for me.
Malteasers - what’s not to like?
I love these biscuits so much. I’m a huge malteasers fan and these are crunchy, chocolatey and moreish!
So Good!
These were amazing I already love malteasers but these were nice as well - I really liked how cheap they were I think they cost me £1 and they weren’t overly sickly so I would recommend this to anyone really
Best biccies
I bought these from the supermarket thinking one packet would be enough for myself and my son. I was wrong. They last all of 5 minutes. They are delish. The chocolate is lovely and thick and the biscuit base is crispy. Next time I’m buying more than one packet. Love it
Great product
Very tasty product. enjoyed by the whole family great sized biscuits
Best ever biscuits
Nice and crunchie very flavoursome. Goes great with a cup of coffee
Nice but not really like maltteasers
I love malt teasers so tried these they are really nice but i dont think theyre really like malt teasers at all i would still buy them again
What is not to love - biscuit & maltesers all in one. The trouble is can you just stop after eating one? I couldn’t.
Nothing like Maltesers, judging by the reviews people seem to either love them or wouldn't buy again, I certainly wouldn't. I bought them on offer when I needed a sugar fix, even dunked them in a cuppa, I cant put my finger on it but I just didn't like
Love it
So nice. Could eat the full packet. Once you start unable to stop.
Dry and flavourless
If you're expecting the deliciousness of a malteser on a bigger scale, you will be sorely disappointed. These dry biscuits almost taste like dog treats as the malt flavour gets lost in translation.

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