4.5 5 0 149 149 Maltesers, everyone’s favourite chocolate-covered malted ball, is now available in biscuit form! Snap ''em crunch 'em love 'em.
Maltesers Biscuits
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Maltesers 🍫
They tasted amazing they just melted in your mouth! If your a maltesers fan these are definitely for you. My daughter loved them too. They are definitely a winner in our house.
Delish biccies
Love these malteaser biccies, delicious with a cupa of tea. So nice indeed!
Malteaser Fan!
If you’re a malteaser fan like me then this is right up your alley. It’s the same melt in your mouth chocolate but in biscuit form! It’s just the right size but moreish.
Was expecting these to taste just like the chocolate bunnies they do at Easter. It doesn’t. Taste so good that I was greedy and eat the whole bar.
SO yummy
If you love malteasers this is such a winner. Melt in your mouth chocolate with a delicious taste.
just another biscuit
wasn't keen on the biscuit. Prefer ordinary maltesers
I don’t know how you couldn’t love it! Delicious, melts in your mouth
Soo good
How can you not love it. Chocolate outside and then crispy inside. Melts soo quickly. It’s so soft and so posh. It’s gone in a minute. Love it. One of my favourites one. Will definitely buy every time if I’m craving sweet.
Only half good !
I do not like these as much as I do straight-forward Maltesers. The biscuit spoils the melting quality of the malt centre !
Its tasty biscuits with chocolate. Correct size.my niece love this chocolate
Yes yes yes love these super yum the only problem is trying not to eat all the bar at once lol very nice and creamy with the little bits of biscuit would tell a friend and family
A good little treat!
I really liked these biscuits.They really taste like maltesers and have a good malty taste with just the right amount of chocolate.I did think they would be bigger but they are still a good size for a biscuit.
Really yummy
Its really yummy and crunchy too...my kids favourite chocolate ever
Favourite Malteaser Product
I really enjoyed this chocolate bar because it tasted very good and the malteaser crunch was still present
Very tasty
Very nice biscuit my children love these could stop once opened so we ate the full packet will have to get more once the coop have more in store

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