4.3 5 0 1045 1045 Milk chocolate with honeycombed pieces (7.0%). Crunchy little Maltesers pieces floating in creamy milk chocolate buttons. Maltesers Buttons.. perfect for a treat at work, home or on the go.
Maltesers Buttons 32G
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Loved it
My daughter loves these Malteser chocolates and so do I
This pack of Malteser buttons are lovely. They are exactly like the original Malteser but in a button. They are smooth and creamy with that crunchy bite. Ideal to pop in your bag for a snack.
Good tasting chocolate
These are really good if you are looking to try something new, personally I prefer the normal maltreats, but if your looking for a small treat these are your best option. I would recommend.
Maltesers buttons
I must admit the little Maltesers balls are very crunchy, so biting into chocolate and then little hard balls of malt. I prefer the larger Malteser balls that are light, airy and have a light crunch to them. The chocolate is great of course. Maybe others will like the texture as I do prefer a nice light crunch.
Good one
I prefer this one then original maltesers. Maltesers are not my favourite sweets but this one surprise me. I like it :)
Nice but too crunchy
I like Maltesers so wanted to try these when I saw them in the shop. I enjoyed the taste however I wasn’t too keen on the crunchy bits. I like my chocolate buttons smooth. I usually leave them in my mouth to melt but these leave you with the crunchy bits at the end. They’re still a great tasting product, as you would expect from the brand. I would definitely buy them again but let’s just say they’re not my favourite buttons available in the shops.
Prefer the original
Still the great malteser taste with tiny bits of crunch. I still prefer the original maltesers, or ever the teasers though!
Just ok
I was excited to try these but was dissapointed, they do not tase of maltesers.
My favourite button
Wife bought me these as she knew of my love for Malteaser. Have to say these are so so delicious especially straight out if the fridge. Amazing
The best of both
This is the new king of chocolate treats. They are the very best mix of buttons and malteaser. The biscuity bits are small and plentiful and feel delightful in every bite. I buy these treats all the time and they are a hit with everyone in our family.
More more more
Love these. Always buy a big ‘sharing’ bag to have once the little one is in bed. Delicious
Lovely chocolate treat
I really liked these Malteser buttons, more than original Maltesers. I find the malteser bits add a nice crunch and I especially love the mint version.
Good product.
I love malteaser, infact they're my favourite treat, these buttons are delicious. However, I find every now and then I get a pack that hasn't got any taste whatsoever. I don't know if it's to do with a bad batch or how shops are storing them but it's happening more often.
Good alternative
I would definitely recommend these chocolates, they are really good and so moorish however for me it just wasn’t as good as a original malteser..... great alternative if you can not get them though.
Continuous purchase
As an existing malteaser fan I was intrigued when I first spotted this product. After purchase I was impressed and I have not bought original malteaser since! I find the original version can stick to your teeth (I like to suck them 😂) they also melt easily. These have got the malty goodness, and the chocolate in a nicely proportioned button. I wouldn’t mind them to be a bit bigger but I am greedy. I have since purchased the grab bag version as I find the content of the pouches inadequate

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