4.3 5 0 1032 1032 Milk chocolate with honeycombed pieces (7.0%). Crunchy little Maltesers pieces floating in creamy milk chocolate buttons. Maltesers Buttons.. perfect for a treat at work, home or on the go.
Maltesers Buttons 32G
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Good alternative
I would definitely recommend these chocolates, they are really good and so moorish however for me it just wasn’t as good as a original malteser..... great alternative if you can not get them though.
Continuous purchase
As an existing malteaser fan I was intrigued when I first spotted this product. After purchase I was impressed and I have not bought original malteaser since! I find the original version can stick to your teeth (I like to suck them 😂) they also melt easily. These have got the malty goodness, and the chocolate in a nicely proportioned button. I wouldn’t mind them to be a bit bigger but I am greedy. I have since purchased the grab bag version as I find the content of the pouches inadequate
Prefer the original
They taste good, but prefer the original maltesers. I think they need bigger malteser pieces in the buttons. The buttons themselves are a decent size. I wouldn’t turn them down if offered to me but will always prefer the original maltesers
A little underwhelming
Overall they are just ok. It’s strange I had other people raving so I think I thought they would be better than they are. I feel that traditional maltesars are still better. Wouldn’t refuse them if someone offered me them though!
Something missing...
I was really looking forward to trying these...I have to say after eating a couple I realised that something just felt like it was missing, it's like they kinda gave up and throw something together and threw in a bag. I love Maltesers but these just didn't do it for me. I'll just stick to the original maltesers in future.
You just can not beat a regular Malteser I.m.o. They were good, relatively low cal to sit with the bag and enjoy. Definitely not as Mourish as regular ones though.
So yummy. Really lovely taste, you can't beat a malteser and these are great. The problem i had was the bag emptied too quickly.
Very disappointed!
I have no idea what they have done to these ! I love malstesers they are just so moreish! However these were so disappointing there just just no “malteser flavor” to them I would definitely not get again !
I enjoyed this product because the chocolate buttons had light biscuit pieces in them, the buttons overall were very light to eat, I wouldn't make any improvements on this product as I feel it doesn't need any and yes I would recommend this product to any chocolate lover.
Maltezer Buttons
Very nice chocolates they taste nothing like maltezers but not to complain about. The buttons are crispy/ crunchy but not over the top, just enough.
Ok chocolates.
I have to say these did not meet my expectations. I found them texturally displeasing but I still appreciate the idea. Personally I think that the crispy bits could have been larger.
They were fine, but a poor substitute for the actual original. I would have liked more Maltesers pieces in each button, but honestly found myself craving the normal Maltesers or the truffle versions.
I love the idea and they taste very nice. However, I would like more malteser pieces in the buttons.
I love malteasers and these taste the same as the ones you get in tubs of celebrations. I do prefer the original malteasers as like to bite the chocolate off! I would recommend to any malteaser fan.
Love these!!
I could eat these all day everyday!! Brilliant for little snacks for you and for your little/big ones! They taste amazing! Only problem is they melt a little too quickly for my liking! But we still eat them& will still recommend!!

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