4.3 5 0 936 936 Milk chocolate with honeycombed pieces (7.0%). Crunchy little Maltesers pieces floating in creamy milk chocolate buttons. Maltesers Buttons.. perfect for a treat at work, home or on the go.
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Tasty treat
A tasty wee treat when I manage to hide them from the kids. I enjoyed them but still not as good as original Maltesers.
Sorry kids
I bought these for my grandchildren. I thought I'd just try one. I ate the lot and had to buy some more and put them out of my sight. I love them and so did the kids.
Tried these as I'm a massive fan of maltesers and I'm glad I did I was not disappointed one bit, definitely worth a try
One Bag is never enough
These are delicious, perfect as a small treat but you will find yourself wanting more. they melt in the mouth and very moreish. Would not change anything and would suggest anyone to try these
Omg these are so good. I’ve always been a fan of malteseasers and wasn’t disappointed. Now I have 2 types to choose from. These are just the same but buttons. Try them you will like them!
Nowhere near as nice as malteasers
Bit pointless - malteasers are so nice, this is just like a rubbish version of chocolate buttons with little bits in
Looooovvveeee these!
One of the greatest versions of maltesers to be released. The ratio of chocolate to malt works in chocolates favour, but without compromising on that classic malteser flavour. I don't think I'll go back to standard maltesers after trying these.
Not the best when I suck them all the little balls of teasers stick to the top of my mouth
Personally I prefer malteasers not enough of the malted center for me to much chocolate
Stars for flavour, not portion.
I added this to an online supermarket food shop, but when it arrived my partner thought it was a promotional free tester pack. We were very shocked at how small the portion and package was. If I had seen this in a shop I would not have bought it having seen the price! Pity, because the buttons are delicious - creamy milk chocolate with pops of crunchy honeycomb. Three stars for flavour, two lost stars for portion size and price.
I love these. I prefer them more than regular maltesers as the chocolate to malt ratio is a lot better! So tasty and a brill treat!
A work office favourite
These are delicious! Guaranteed, when I go into work at least one of the girls, will have a bag of these on their desks! I don't think the bags are big enough though as they are very 'moreish' You cant really go wrong with these in your basket
Tasty. Not as nice as maltesers though. A little expensive for my liking but a nice treat
Yum Yum Yum
Absolutely love these. Probably bad to say but I prefer them to actual Malteasers. A little too moorish though so probably a good thing there’s not many in the packet as I could carry on eating them!
Nice but nothing special
My fiance brought me in a pack of these from the shop. I did enjoy them but found the malteaser pieces rather hard and i think i would rather have original malteasers or a teasers bar.

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