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Mars Bounty Cookies
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Love !!
As bounty’s are my favourite chocolate bar I had to try these and they didn’t disappoint!! Soft, full of coconut and very moreish
So delicious
These are lovely but be warned you can’t just have one, can easily eat the whole pack, lovely soft and chewy texture, really can taste the coconut, love these
Yummy yummy
These were delicious. So soft and so tasty. Very morish, I only went and ate the whole pack. I much prefer these to the twin variety. Lots of bounty goodness in a cookie, love it
Soft and gooey!
Wasn't sure what to expect, got these because I like Bounty bars and I'm a fan of coconut. Not had coconut cookies before ... but these are great and have a lovely soft and gooey texture!
Love these
Absolutely delicious. You can also buy the mix and bake your own. Really nice as warm cookies nom nom nom
So soft and delicious
Great as a snack and have a lovely coconut taste that comes through - definitely worth a try
I almost love these more than bounties themselves, so soft and tasty and very moreish. I can quite easily eat the whole packet!
I wish you got more
I really like these but I wish you got more in the pack.
Not bad at all
When I tried these I was hoping they would be great but I just found them to be ok, nothing special but was nice never the less think I might have to get them again for a second opinion
Very tasty & morish. Not a huge size. So 1 was not enough.
I absolutely loved eating these cookies. it's different and feel like i'm on holiday. one of the best.
These are so lush!! Soft baked with a good hint off coconut and plenty off chocolate..you will NOT be able too stop at just 1 biscuit tho ;)
Taste just like bounty bars my kids love them and so do me and my partner
I am not a massive fan of bounty and coconut but can see why people who do would enjoy them. They are soft and tasty cookies which I did enjoy.
I wasn't very keen on these after being so excite to try them, i found the too soft and not very bounty tasting.

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