4 5 0 61 61 Biscuits with an irresistibly soft centre, suitable for vegetarians.
Mars Twix Soft Centres
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lovely and soft with gooey middles, they melt in your mouth!
I bought them for my boyfriend because he wanted something sweet and they were so delicious that almost all I ate alone, a delicious crunchy cookie And caramel inside, delicious
Decadent and yummy
These cookies are yummy, I love the way they melt in the middle and have all the flavours you’d get in a twix but in a cookie, You definitely need to try them
Nice change but still to traditional
If you are a big fan of gooey cookies you might like these but personally I think the traditional cookies taste nicer. While you can taste the gooey inside, it doesnt taste much like the twix flavour I was expecting.
I do quite like these cookies which is surprising since I’m not a massive fan of twix. So i would say they don’t actually taste like twix, more like cookie texture and a caramel centre. They are defo softer than your usual cookie. Personally could do with more caramel in the middle. Overall good cookies.
I’m personally a huge fan of these as I love soft cookies and the texture of these was very soft with that caramel centre - I don’t like hard cookies that’s the main reason I loved these
Not for everyone
I wasn’t a fan, biscuit is soft and more like a cake however the husband loved them and they didn’t last long.
Tasty Cookie
I do like a Twix and a cookie so this was a perfect product to try. Everyone in my household like these also. Nice size and soft. Enjoyed the gooey centre. Well done Twix. I would certainly recommend
great cookies
my kids love this cookies they are soft,tasty,perfect for sharing,great for any occasion,and if you are loving twix bar you will love this too ,they are fantastic and very,very tasty
Didn't remind me of twix but yummy all the same
I bought these cookies expecting them to be like a twix for obvious reasons. I really enjoyed eating them but I couldn't liken them to a twix the centre if really gooey and soft which I liked but the outside is too soft for me, also I have 3 kids and husband at home and no one else liked them except for me. I wouldnt buy again.
i Love twix and i love cookies so thought these would be great.. The taste was great but they weren't soft in the middle as much as id like them to be. maybe it was a stale pack i got. so for now i wont recommend them if your wanting soft centres
Super Good
Absolutely gorgeous. Great to dunk in a cup of tea. Very moorish.
I sa these in my local aldi a few weeks ago and though I'd give them a go They dont taste anything like a twix but they did taste devine I love the gooey centre it give just a normal cookie that extra twist
This product is the same as any other flavoured cookie. There is nothing special about it and I would not go out of my way to buy any. I would only buy we it was on offer. They go down well with a coffee.
Oh these are super yummy! We picked up a packet and they were soon demolished!

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