4.6 5 0 43 43 Because they care... They don't add any artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners or preservatives, no hydrogenated fats and no GM ingredients. Suitable for vegetarians
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Delicious Cookies
So tasty, could happily eat the packet in one sitting. Perfect size and lovely with a cup of tea.
Yummy cookies
I loved these white chocolate cookies . So melt in your mouth and delicious . They are very sweet but that’s what I like in a cookie. Size is great enough to fill that space along with a cup of tea . Delicious .
Not for me
Everyone has their own tastes but this is certainly not mine. I don’t because anything but yummy chocolate should pair with Maryland cookies. I think they should just stick to what they know and I will be super happy with that
Chunky and delicious cookies
Chunky and delicious cookies. They are loved by myself, partner and 5 children. Great with a nice hot drink, or eating on their own. Very filling.
These cookies look and taste beautiful! They melt in your mouth and there’s other flavour options which I have also tasted and they are all amazing from Maryland, I enjoy these thicker cookies more than I do the thin ones, very affordable and great with a hot chocolate or a cuppa tea, I defo recommend and I always buy these and will continue too
Family love these
Love these cookies. Good for all the family. I'm not the biggest lover of white chocolate but these are good. They should definitely make some with a mix of milk and white chocolate.
Great treat
Affordable and tasty. Perfect for when you need something sweet.
Sweet yummicious
I would not eat them alone as they are quiet sweet but my family love these with drinks!!! Kids having a sweet with evening milk two in one. Chocolate and cookie. I love it with black coffee. White chocolate lovers definitely have to try these. Great treat for guests for tea time.
These are my favourite, nice chucks of white chocolate, the biscuit isn't too firm to bite into which is nice, they taste even better dunked in a cuppa the chocolate chips just melt in your mouth, the biscuit has a buttery taste to it too.
Amazing taste
Amazing taste loved these did feel quite sick by the end of the packet but that was my own fault lol they would be great for sharing but very flavour some xx
Does what it does
I love Maryland and white chocolate coming across there own variety was amazing! However I found it a lot more crunchy and harder than most Brands out there , taste doesn't really go in line with what I expected but it does the job after dunked ;)
These were really tasty and the texture was good too. My favourite cookies are more on the chewy side, so I would have preferred if these were a wee bit more like that. It's a shame that you don't get more in the pack as I would be more likely to buy them more often. As it is I only really buy them occasionally, and only if they are on offer. They rest of the family like them too but the pack doesn't last very long in a family of 4.
NUM num my mouth is full
If you love white chocolate and crunchy biscuits this is the one for you yum what a treat 😀
Chunky white chocolate pieces
Nice and chunky and hold the shape when dunked in a cup of tea.
Big and chunky and very tasty .good to dunk .would of liked a few more in packet

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