4 5 0 3 3 Mash Direct Neeps & Tatties have been repackaged in a redesigned 750g pack, made from sustainable sourced paper, and featuring heating instructions. This microwavable product is said to be made with 100% Scottish produce and is free from gluten. The vegetarian friendly turnip and potato is suitable for home freezing.
Mash Direct Neeps & Tatties
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Neeps are amazing abs so easy to prepare just put it in the micro, compared to having to struggle to chop a neep
Great product
This producer has a variety of products, and Neeps&Tatties is one of their simplest products. I like the products of the company in general. The potato mash is lovely. Mind you that the producer does not seem to use any conservatives so I sometimes come across some moldy product in our local Spar. But maybe that Spar is to blame? Anyway it is a shame
Not my first choice
I love turnip but I found the taste quite bitter in this pack. I normally add butter to my own at home during mashing so this may be the issue. I would mix in butter if I bought it again Mash was good, perfect consistency and a nice fresh taste.

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