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Very good
Really nice, could of eaten more though. Very filling also
Brilliant Bar!
These protein bars taste good and I buy them all the time becuase they help me workout for longer!
Maxi Muscle Promax Chocolate Brownie
I quite liked this protein bar, it has a really nice taste and is pretty filling as well. My only downfalls with the product is that when you bite into it it's quite powdery and feels like it's breaking away when your eating it. Also, I don't feel as though the price really matches the product. I feel it isn't the most affordable bar that you can get whereas other's are a bit cheaper and your getting more for your money.
Both my husband and son eat these all the time and say they're the perfect snack to have straight after a training session at the gym because they're easy to just pop in your bag and no need to have to prep anything, just open and eat so are perfect on the go. They also taste absolutely delicious, this is there favourite go to eveytime post work out snack.
Don’t compare to a brownie
I’m on a special diet and had ran out of my expensive bars and this had similar ingredients and health content so I thought I would try, if you forget it says chocolate brownie on it and think of it as a healthy food substance it’s good, nice texture and no fake after taste .
Really tasty - alternative to chocolate bar
I really love maximuscle bars for their flavour, and I will even choose these over a chocolate bar as they are really filling. Even if you aren't training these are a much healthier alternative to a chocolate bar if you want a sweet treat!
Nutritious but tasty!
These bars really help me reach my protein goal every day. They're full of protein and are great for a pre workout snack.
Great Product
great product. good quality for a good price. I suggest this product as per daily usage
a little too hard for this price, I eat better;) but the flavors are very good. cool because they are not too sweet
Great flavour, easy to eat, but there are better protein bars out there
I enjoyed the flavour of tje bar admittedly, I felt the aftertaste wasn't as pleasant, personally. A bit chewy also, still quite filling for what it is.
I find these very pleasant and the texture is not to chewy. They are ideal to have in your bag for a post workout snack.
Havent tried it wouldnt mind trying this it looks nice
I agree with that too, it wasn't as tasteful and the aftertaste was abit weird but it was reasonablly filling.
These bars look the best out of all of the different flavours I have seen. Chocolate brownie protein bars sound like a dream to eat after visiting a gym. Whether they taste as good as actual chocolate brownies is the question. I have tried the chocolate protein powder before which I enjoyed.

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