3.7 5 0 9 9 It's not just mascara, it’s NEW SnapScara! Clean, clump-free volume on in a snap. Not clumpy. Not flaky. - Clean, clump-free Volume in a snap. - the glossy gel-ink formula glides on smooth. - Flake-free. Smudge-proof. All day wear.
Maybelline Snapscara Mascara Very Black
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better than expected!
bought this as a cheap drugstore mascara when i forgot to take mine with me to my friends house, and i have to say its a great mascara for the price! can be a bit of a clumpy formula but the wand shape is wonderful for that falsie look without falsies and the clumping can be helped with wiping the wand on the top lip after pumping it in and out
My absolute favourite
My favourite mascara, it is pricey but it is worth the money. I have used almost every mascara in my local Superdrug and even benefit and chanel and this is my go to. Good thickness as well as length.
Decent mascara
Bought this on special offer. It covers your lashes with a layer of colour and lengthens visibly but not by much. I would say for minimal wear this product is lovely bit not if youre going for a party look or generally love long volumised lashes like me. I also LOVE the brush on the wand.
Using this at the moment
Not the best but ok. I purchased a couple of these at the same price to take advantage of a deal and I don't think it does anything for length or volume just darkens the eyelashes. Looks better if used with a lash volumizer product but other than that, not something I will go out and purchase again. I did like the brush shape, it tapers so you can reach fine hairs towards the corners of your eyes easier. I may keep the brush and use it with a different mascara going forward.
Useful but not very effective
It could have been a lot better than this. Its a decent product but not the best around. Its easy to apply and dries off quickly. But it doesnt stay for long. Its a good product to use though.
I brought it when it just released....tab bit expensive but would have been worth it if it did what it advertised. Very clumpy and added nothing to my eyelashes but it does work if you just want black mascara, like a coat of color.
Snap the scara
Not as good as I thought it would be. It does lift the lashes, however it did clump.
Love the brush
This mascara does what it says on the tube. Clump free mascara. I love the brush, makes the use of it easy. However my lashes didn’t stay lifted for too longer. Not sure if this was the mascaras fault or are my lashes just a bIt too straight. Would recommend it tho.
Fantastic mascara!
This is fantastic mascara if you have very black hair like me. Looks natural and adds curl to your lashes.

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